Upgrading to WordPress 2.9

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  1. Riena

    Hello, for your info I really love the wordpress!!

    Now, I need to upgrade my blog from old version 2.6.5. to 2.9.1. but I didn’t found the backup plugin and don’t have a Cpanel account! so what should I do? is it working with any upload for upgrading?

    Please, I just feel unhappy with my old version blog now.


  2. Bruce

    I am a newbie to wordpress, that said the support for WordPress is excellent. This presentation is very well done and easy to understand.


  3. Debra Davis Hinkle

    I can’t update my site from the backdoor and I’ve already loaded the latest WordPress on my site via FileZilla. Why can’t I find a widget to upload. When I try to upgrade from the standard line at the top, it wants me to download the upgrade and unzip, etc. I’ve already done all that.

    Help, please.



  4. Keith Davis

    Hi Adria
    Super vid.
    Thanks for not skipping the backup part of the upgrade.

    Good to see that you use Cpanel to backup.
    I have been using Cpanel to upgrade but it is always way behind with the latest version.

    Perhaps I’ll start using the WordPress auto upgrade.


  5. Don Campbell

    Nice video Adria.
    I ran into some problems upgrading to WordPress 2.9 on my hosting provider 1&1 because a newer version of MySQL database was required. I got an error message saying:

    “ERROR: WordPress 2.9 requires MySQL 4.1.2 or higher”

    In case anyone else has this problem, here is what I did to fix it and get everything working again:


    I like the new features in WordPress 2.9!


    • Adria Richards, ButYoureAGirl.com


      Thanks. Yes, hopefully all hosting companies serve MySQL 5 out of the box but there are many still running 4.x. Also, there are a ton of blogs out there on really old versions like 2.3 or worse yet, they were installed on a Windows server using Wamp that no one has updated in ages.

      All those things can create problems when doing an automatic upgrade but none should prevent the ever so important step of backups! *smile*


  6. Keith Davis

    Hi Adria
    Just come back to have another look.
    A question… where did you save your backup to?
    Hosting accound, your hard drive?


  7. zataobam

    Thanks for the helpful info. Make sure you back things up. We learned the hard way.


  8. Ashley

    Can I only update if my blog doesn’t end with wordpress.com?


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January 26, 2010

Adria Richards runs through the upgrade process for WordPress, using both the Dashboard and CPanel (found on many hosting providers).

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