Boone Gorges: WordPress 3.0 Multisite

16 responses on “Boone Gorges: WordPress 3.0 Multisite

  1. Freddy

    Thanks for the video!

    You mentioned it works nicely with multiple domains, but what about if those domains are on multiple SERVERS?



  2. ngassmann

    So fired up for this. Just in time for a site rehaul too!

    I don’t know how you didn’t lose it when the questions kept coming and then you got the “can you please explain to me what a subdomain is?” Then you explain it and then you are asked “Well, please explain it to me using your “boone” example.”


  3. tim

    Boone, Thank you, Very useful information!


  4. Theo Ephraim

    Just thought it might be pertinent to mention the setup I’ve been using here for a while now. Tutorial is at
    It’s not using a single database (although it could be made to do so with some plugins), but it runs multiple blogs from a single wordpress installation. It’s working very well for me.
    Like he says, one set of files, lots of separate blogs with different users, different plugins, etc. Makes updating much easier. Recently I’ve also started running some sites off the WP3beta and this makes it very easy to choose which ones, just a different symlink. Hope this is useful for someone.


  5. SalStabler@Quixli

    Great presentation, a lot of features to go over and see how to successfully managed a blog network. My only question is if you can have a sign up form on the front page for users to create their own blog site & accounts, kind of like


  6. tredoux


    This was a good description of WordPress multi-user.


  7. kunal

    Thanks for the video. Would anyone know the best way to share users across 2 different wordpress installs?


  8. Jeff Namnum

    Hey Krunal, Here is a pretty detailed solution to share users (and cookies!) across installs

    I have not yet played with it, but I plan on trying it out on a project next quarter.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Nick Throlson

    I really would like to see Multi Site allow existing & separate installations using WordPress integrated. I know importing existing WP to your Multi site will be a headache. I know lots of people want & need this. For now I will just install new sites I make using the WordPress Multi Site.


  10. Dennis Madsen


    Thanks for the video.
    I have a single question. After 45 minutes they talk about the database structure for the multisites. What is the design reason for having different tables for eg. comment for every site? In this case wp_comments, wp_2_comments, wp_3_comments. Since they have the exactly same structure, why have they chosen not to extend the original wp_comments table with a new field called, for instance, site. This could have a value 0 if it is a comment for the main site, or 2 if its site with id 2 and 3 if its site with id 3.

    I can’t see the reason for having different tables with equal structures. That seems redundant for me. But you have a reason for doing so? Maybe it because for backward compatible?



    WordPress 3.0 works perfectly, but I am still missing the way to save different sets of plugins and only having to turn on or off the set, I am missing the ability to quick select the categories, just start typing the name of the category and this is filter for easier selection, I am missing a better image resizing or editing, anyway, I love wordpress.


  12. Prafulla


    I want to create multiple sites – but with same contents.

    I want to have master store with products. Now each affiliate will have separate websites with same product (but different prices). This different price – can be then managed through custom field. Each affiliate may also have different theme.

    How can I use multisite feature of wordpress to achieve it.

    regards / Prafulla


  13. Josh Closser

    Thank you, beyond informative. Multisite sounds fabulous, can’t wait for implementation, add multisite to your spellchecker 😉


  14. vCopia

    Excellent presentation. Just the info I needed on “what is,” setup, and general overview of a WP multisite. So appreciative that you shared this video. Thanks much.


  15. Dallas Business Insurance Guy

    Awesome, I am going to get with my developer to implement a multisite strategy!


  16. Hunt

    I installed Multisite on a 3.0 version of wp that since then have upgraded to 3.6. Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the purpose of multisite to enable a single installation of wp to power all your mu sites/network? I had to install an individual version of wp on each and every subdomain I created…


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May 31, 2010

Boone Gorges demonstrates the new built-in multisite functionality of WordPress 3.0 to the WordPress NYC Meetup audience.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

Video provided by Punkcast.

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