Corey Eulas: SEO Master Class

14 responses on “Corey Eulas: SEO Master Class

  1. Naomi

    I really enjoyed this presentation. I felt like it brought me up to speed on current trends in SEO. I’m not sorry to say bye to forums and directories!


  2. Andy

    This was a big help, I’m going to ‘hack’ my site and link profile. Thank you Corey.


  3. Ann Rhoads

    This was great. Gave me a lot of ideas to follow up with. I am having my website revamped so this information is really helpful for the completion.


  4. Highlands Ranch Pilates

    I am just getting my new WordPress site launched, and this video was very helpful!

    SEO is pretty overwhelming, but after watching this video… I am feeling a little more comfortable with the task.

    I didn’t realize social media was such a big deal.

    Hopefully WordCamp will come to city near me, looks like a blast!



  5. Bluedogfood

    This video is great. I am going to push more work for my site to top Google.


  6. Dofollow Links

    Awesome video. I will be back. Thanks.


  7. Chuck Reynolds

    Corey did a good job, simple format and lots of good info for people to bite on and do some more research to see what works for them.
    SEO really isn’t difficult per say, it just takes a lot of time to be good at it.


  8. Steven

    Wow!!! Corey Is the best, not boring! I paid attention the whole time.


  9. ahrengot

    Fantastic video! Really informative without being boring, because he kept it at a very fast pace. I’ll have to watch it over a couple of times to drill it all into my brain, but this is the best one i’ve seen on so far.

    Oh, and i loved his reaction when that guy left 😀


  10. shivani

    Really, what a great video. Thanks.


  11. Marvin

    Excellent video Corey. Thank you for going over the SEO points, I’m sure everyone will be a better SEOist! 🙂


  12. Kerry Benik

    Great nuts & bolts video Corey, thanks! I picked up some good tips!


  13. Henk

    I have learned something. What we already it. Your presentation was very helpful. I am going to follow you on Twitter for more information.


  14. Barbara Rowen

    Thank you for the information you’ve shared on SEO and some of the tricks you use. I’m relatively new to SEO, only providing simple SEO services to my clients on the websites I design, and I have been curious as to what other SEO practices I should be following. Again, thank you.


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January 29, 2011


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