Corey Eulas: You are not your customer

10 responses on “Corey Eulas: You are not your customer

  1. Vic

    I don’t get it. WHO is this aimed at?


  2. Ron

    I agree with Vic. Who is he talking to? What is his point. I hope this is meaningless just because it is out of context. I’d hate to think all Wordcamp presentations are this useless.


  3. rawraj

    @Two Comments above me.
    I exactly knew “WHO” Corey was talking about, that’s the reason I clicked on this video from the front page.
    Please I think the both of you (Vic and Ron) have simply no idea and it pretty lame of you(Ron) to call this Video useless.
    In fact I am typing this part of the comment even before I have watched the video.(I got some downloads running so I am waiting for this video to buffer fully).
    I am pretty sure that this is aimed at “your” client.
    Many Clients design a website as if they are the target crowd.
    Infact some of the want a back button on every page(because they find it hard to click on the back button and sometimes a back button is not even needed because the menu is displayed on all pages).
    Thats just one dumb example.
    Now I am going to watch this video and then post this comment, cause if I am wrong I don’t want appear like a fool :-P..Hahaha.
    Ok I am just watching the starting, and the speaker clearly said that this is for clients!!! Were you guys even watching the video.

    Its true this are real life situations. I was right.

    Would like to add, this is an excellent video. even though aware of these points. I was looking for a nice list and this video has lived up to my expectations. I know I am being lazy, but I wish I could simply get my hands on that slideshow LOL.


  4. Corey Eulas

    @Ron/Vic …. It was a joke? No point, no audience, no reason. Just a good way to end an awesome day.

    This is more meaningful:


  5. Ron

    Thanks for the clarification.


  6. Corey Eulas

    RawRaj – 😀

    Ill upload it and submit it to the #wcphx folks who can get it up on the site or on the wcphx slideshare. I’m sure it will be there by tomorrow.

    It was fun for my business partner and I to create, it was a huge goof!



  7. ahrengot

    Just watched the seo one (linked in Corey’s coment) which linked to this one. Really like the pace and how the constant flow of subtle humor keeps them from getting boring. The energy these talks are delivered with is inspirational and the point of having demands, that your clients should live up to, in order, for you, to do the best work possible is just so important.

    Thanks for this video!


  8. Marvin

    Great video, as I listen to your quick speech, I’m saying yes, that’s right! 🙂 I would like to add this video to our new site! Thanks!


  9. Nox

    Great video, funny and so spot on!:)


  10. pcgs51

    This is totally speaking to web designers and developers encouraging them to have the juevos to expect to be treated with respect and behave as though they deserve it. Nobody walks into Denny’s with a dozen eggs and asks them how much will you charge me for breakfast if I supply the eggs.

    We have to respect ourselves, our time and talent. When we do, we will not have to bitch slap slackers who make stupid inquiries. But the thought of bitch slapping them is kinda fun…

    I’m trying a new approach and forcing the would-be client to put “skin in the game” before I do. I created a couple of exhaustive questionnaires. If they will spend the time to fill out the information (with many required fields) I will determine whether or not to have a follow up conversation that will result in a written proposal. Sorry Corey, no handshakes they gotta sign on the dotted line and shell out a deposit or retainer.

    Corey, you made a terrific point! Do another one and rant about crowd-sourcing (I can tell you won’t like it either) and I’ll be your #1 fan!


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February 17, 2011


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