Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2011

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  1. Sonoran Supposition

    Really bummed I couldn’t make it!


  2. Alex Goddard

    A big thanks to Matt Mullenweg for that short historic journey through the life of brilliant word press platform. I enjoyed Matts talk that much I have listened to it 3 times. A bit sad I know but you cant help thinking about how much less content there would be out there on the internet If it wasn’t the brilliant Word Press guys.
    So A Big Thank you to every one at Word Press :¬).


  3. Vincent

    No one got the aggies joke. Funny stuff


  4. Grant Griffiths

    With all due respect to Matt. Presswork was not the first “Drag and Drop” WordPress theme nor framework. Headway was launched on July 31st, 2009 with a visual editor and drag and drop.


    • Matt

      Howdy Grant. 🙂 I think you may have misheard, it’s right around 4:30, I’m highlighting that PressWork is new, not that it was the first to do anything. If I were to guess at the first drag-and-drop in the WP world it’d probably be Canvas from 2006, but in general I find it's much more interesting to look at what people are doing instead of when they started doing it. (WordPress was not even close to being the first blogging system. :))


  5. Lisa

    Great word, Matt. Love the responsive design stuff and really digging the concept of Desire Paths and like how you, and the core devs, are applying that concept to the ongoing evolution of WP.

    Thanks for all you do.


  6. Brent

    Anyone know who designed the slides? They’re fantastic!


  7. Marck

    I watched the whole thing. Pretty amazing how much WordPress is growing and the adoption rate is getting higher. I’m doing less than 25 blogs. I should really catch up! Thank you Matt and the WordPress team.


  8. Ed Celis

    So, I guess “Michael Pick” is the answer to that burning question:

    Inspiring, informative, coolness.


  9. foodiespr

    Great work Matt! I just made this year my transition from printing desktop publisher to website publishing and i have Found in WordPress a platform that i can relay on! Thank you for your work and the work of your team!


  10. Toru

    Only 8% of surveyed people use as just a blog – I guess the number will be higher if every single users were surveyed, but still, shocking.


  11. Jay

    For some reason I could not watch this on my Android 2.2 phone. It’s capable of showing HTML5 video. Anyway, great stuff! I really like the changes in plugin policy. I would like to see it go a step further and hide plugins that aren’t updated or certified to work for your specific version. Just a thought.
    Thanks for making WP what it is and what it will be!


  12. gabe

    I really want to hear what you have to say (or just read it….) but this streaming player is giving me hell on my slow connection. It would be great if you posted a transcript.


  13. Will

    Loved the keynote!

    No Q&A this year?! Would love too see that too! Are you going to upload them anytime? Thanks!


  14. Benji

    Just a thought, maybe WordPress Core Plugins can be crowdsourced in an Open Source project that is directed by someone from Automattic? – Following the guide of the pavement theory…


  15. chaos1

    Matt’s Q&A after this was amazing. Unfortunate that had to be left out but still, so much good statistics to present to clients when they ask what CMS platform they should stick too.


  16. Mathew Potter

    Really great presentation. This year I have been exploring the limits of wordpress and really pushing its capabilities in the Automotive world and Public company business. I am really excited… as the adaptibility improves as it will present new solutions and for a confused world.

    Thumbs up Matt


  17. Ian Draper

    I follow Matt on twitter and have great respect for providing the blogging word in clear concise formats as WordPress does and l was sorry l could not attend the ” State of The Word” conference but keep up the good work Matt and all your team.


  18. Amgad

    Great presentation! Now I cant wait for version 3.3 🙂

    And thanks to all the WordPress team for all the hard work.


  19. Mitch Malone

    I have a question I am really hoping Matt will answer, it’s something that has been raised a lot recently with friends who I maintain blogs for. Recently a lot of the people I host and maintain blogs for have come to me with the idea that they might take their blog across to Tumblr, not for any reason except that it just feels easier to post with. They like that they can look at something and just start a post, it does some funky content detection and stuff like this. Is WordPress considering ways in which to make it easier to post content?


  20. Nick Davis

    Hi Matt, any objections if I publish a transcript of your State of the Word 2011 speech? I’ve been searching for one online but been unable to find anything so was thinking to publish one so others could benefit from it too. Naturally it would be attributed to you of course. Cheers, Nick


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August 14, 2011

The slides are available here.

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