Liesl Barrell: PM101 – Project Management for Small Business

4 responses on “Liesl Barrell: PM101 – Project Management for Small Business

  1. Liesl

    Thanks for posting! The slides are available here:


  2. Jihane El Atifi

    I watched it twice and took notes. Amazing presentation Liesl, I learned a whole lot.


  3. Paralegal

    I have taught Project Management 101 at the graduate level to military men and women and this presentation given by this young lady was TREMENDOUS! What great enthusiasm and knowledge…Love the jokes! I also build Websites as an Internet Marketing manager and I loved the information. It’s amazing what you offer for just the cost of watching and enjoying. Thanks for showing us the power of the WordPress TV. I feel like I can continue to improve everything I am doing in relationship to managing my Websites I build for my clients. I love this high tech world and all that goes with it! Can’t wait to find the next great video that can also help me. thx


  4. Devilbiss Pressure Washer

    Incredible video, thank you thank you thank you for sharing this! Please e-mail me if you have any more video’s on the subject, wish I could’ve went to the camp 🙂


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January 25, 2012

Intro to Project Management for small business owners, designer, developers and anyone working on.

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