Michelle Gower: A to Published (in less than 24 Hours)

3 responses on “Michelle Gower: A to Published (in less than 24 Hours)

  1. Allan Oas

    Incredibly good practical advice that resonates exactly with my ‘beginner’ status, and keeps me enthused to continue with launching a site. Other “beginner” videos and blogs are actually “not” that. Other educators/presenters have forgotten what it is to be a beginner and dive too deep too quickly. Thanks to Michelle for easing me into this.


  2. Michelle Gower (@zenpreneur)

    Allan, the pleasure was mine. You reaffirm the reason why I do this. Thank you so much for giving me the honor of your attention and your time. – Gower


  3. Ted

    GREAT presentation. I’ve made so many of the mistakes Michelle describes – and was on the verge of giving up doing my own site. Now I see a way forward and I feel GREAT! Thank you Michelle and thanks to those who sponsored you.


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December 3, 2012

Michelle Gower, Lead Trainer/Developer for Gower Power Consulting, LLC, focuses on how to start, organize, and manage WordPress tools so that you can focus on your priorities and results. You’ll learn how to make friends with the dashboard, create blog posts and pages as easily as you write an email, and how to install and upgrade the software in just a few clicks.

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