Brian Rotsztein: SEO and Content Marketing With WordPress

4 responses on “Brian Rotsztein: SEO and Content Marketing With WordPress

  1. brianrotsztein

    Please note that the first 25 minutes was a spontaneous talk where I filled in for a speaker who didn’t show up. He was supposed to give a talk right before mine on “SEO for WordPress” but when it was clear that he wasn’t coming, the organizers asked me to talk about it. So I did! My actual presentation begins around 25 minutes in.

    Also, note that there was a technical issue (slides weren’t appearing on the screen) so the talk was very briefly delayed in the middle of the video.

    I received a lot of great feedback from this talk (both parts) and very much appreciate it. Thank you.


  2. brianrotsztein
  3. Kenneth von Rauch

    Great presentation, Brian. I just want to correct one little thing that you mentioned in it. Thing is, when you roll over an image, you see the value of the image title attribute, but not the alt attribute as you mentioned. It’s not biggie and it’s a VERY wide-spread misunderstanding among people who are not web developers. In general, I LOVED your presentation. Thanks a bunch!


  4. Brian Rotsztein

    Thank you for the great feedback, Kenneth. I appreciate it.


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September 26, 2013

This introductory presentation highlights several important concepts, plugins, and best practices that should be considered when using WordPress as part of an Inbound marketing plan. Topics such as guest posting, types of content, linking, web analytics, and social media optimization (SMO) are discussed.

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