Eric Lewis: Hiring And Working With A Developer

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  1. lindawillis2013

    Thank you, Eric, for this informative and helpful presentation. We viewed it from the client side and are in the exact position you described at the start of your session: burned by developers … and by our own lack of knowledge. Your slides made your points easy to follow (and take notes from), too. The interview questions are excellent and are great additions to ones we have asked. Focusing on the developer’s portfolio in both the selection and interview process is a great idea. We will be looking again for a developer to take our custom WordPress site to the next level so the timing of this post is perfect. We have a road map with a path to a successful relationship this time! No wonder clients come to you for help when they’ve been burned!



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November 17, 2013

A recurring story is a client who’s already been through the gauntlet with a fellow developer, but didn’t get what they wanted, it went way over budget, or one of a million other outcomes. This talk is about some of these pitfalls, and preparation you can do to be a wise client.

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