Tobias Bäthge: Tales Of A Plugin Developer (Don’t Repeat My Mistakes!)

2 responses on “Tobias Bäthge: Tales Of A Plugin Developer (Don’t Repeat My Mistakes!)

  1. Mithilesh Kumar

    Hi Sir,

    Can you give Import option in a Particular Table.

    Currently we have Options: Edit | Show Shortcode | Copy | Export | Delete | Preview

    Requirement Example:
    Table Name
    Edit | Show Shortcode | Copy | Import | Export | Delete | Preview

    It will be very helpful for me to Import Table as Append rows to existing table.
    It is too much requirement for website.

    Thank You
    Mithilesh Kumar


  2. Mithilesh Kumar


    We are looking for the filter or search option in the “Table to replace or append”, as we have to manually search the name of the table if we have thousands of tables, however its easy to find the table name if you have a search option or filter option in the same.

    Can you please look into it


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December 5, 2013

This session talks about the mistakes made, the challenges faced, and the things learned, (and the fun I’m having) with WP-Table Reloaded and TablePress development. I share some insights on my development workflow and my favorite tools, on the techniques that the plugins use, and on what else you should be doing besides coding to make your plugin more valuable to the community.

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