Jack Reichert: Typography – What You Should Not Do

2 responses on “Jack Reichert: Typography – What You Should Not Do

  1. Jack Reichert

    I posted the slides and notes on my site if anyone is interested. http://www.jackreichert.com/2015/06/17/typography-what-you-should-not-do-wpnyc/


  2. Jack Reichert

    Note: This talk’s focus is on choosing fonts, not typesetting. There are some mis-uses of quotes and dashes here. Mostly due to bad habits developed as a result of their incompatibility with code.


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June 28, 2015

Using typography effectively with WordPress. “I like TwentyFifteen, but I don’t want my site to look like all the other sites out there, what are my options?” This talk covers:
• How you can make your site subtly (or not so subtly) stand out amongst the crowd.
• Some basic dos and don’ts of implementing typography.
• What tools are out there for you to use.

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