Steven Slack: Resources and Lessons for Using WordPress in Your Business

2 responses on “Steven Slack: Resources and Lessons for Using WordPress in Your Business

  1. Chad Warner

    Awesome collection of WordPress resource recommendations, including themes, hosting, maintenance, learning, and more. Thanks!


  2. slacktronic

    Here is a link to the blog post with these resources:

    Here are my slides:



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September 29, 2015

Every business that uses or intends to use WordPress faces common obstacles. These may include finding qualified developers to build a theme, finding particular plugins to achieve a task or not knowing where to find help online to fix an issue.

In this talk I will discuss many of these common pain points I have seen businesses have. I will share resources where you can find solid answers from the WordPress community. You will also learn some important concepts behind maintaining your WordPress site, as well as questions you can ask a developer if you are looking to hire.


Resources for choosing a good theme
Resources for finding solidly built plugins
Questions to ask any theme or plugin developer you intend to hire

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