Matías Ventura: A look into Calypso

One response on “Matías Ventura: A look into Calypso

  1. Lance Willett

    Links and resources mentioned in the video:

    Calypso GitHub repository: REST API:


    React JS library:

    wpcom.js, official JavaScript library for the REST API:

    webpack, a module bundler:

    Sass: CSS with superpowers:

    page.js, a client-side router:

    Redux, a state container for JS apps:, a real-time engine:

    Babel, a JavaScript compiler:

    Calypso documentation (aka DevDocs):

    Live gallery of Calypso Components:

    “Our Approach to Data” article:

    “Introduce AsyncLoad for asynchronous rendering by code splitting”:


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June 30, 2016

The introduction of Calypso has brought the notion of a modern JavaScript approach to the front and center of the WordPress community. What does an admin UI built entirely in JavaScript (with technologies like React that have taken the JavaScript community by storm) mean for WordPress and how we think of JavaScript in the project? Explain some of Calypso’s core development values that have driven us from the very start at Automattic. How does it look internally and why it’s not powered by any “framework”? How can you get started, contribute, and begin making cool things with it?

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