Lara Binamé: The Roller Coaster Of Starting A Blog From Scratch

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November 17, 2016

When starting our own blog, we always look at others’ end results: how glamorous, inspiring and… downright intimidating! In an age where we long for success through a single post, Lara brings us back down-to-earth… and on one hell of a ride. Hired by SID LEE, politely fired by SID LEE and eventually rehired, this freelance street-smart content gal has more than a few tales to tell about the true meaning of sticking to your guns – and keyboard.

So, whether you’re a blogging newbie or an avid typer, sit back and let her inspire and ignite your creative flame, make light of the (sometimes frustrating) blogging process and share some insight that’ll help you bring your content lovechild (or monster!) to life.

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