Marina Pape: Lessons Learnt Marketing WooCommerce Since July 2014

6 responses on “Marina Pape: Lessons Learnt Marketing WooCommerce Since July 2014

  1. cryptex_vinci

    @Marina Very insightful, specially the unconscious bias part.

    I have a query regarding customer persona of WooCommerce. Who are your targeted customers? Is it only store owners or Theme/extension developers are also included in this cohort.

    As a WooCommerce theme developer, I think outlet of exposure is very limited (only Showcase submission & Woo Accreditation). Do you guys have any plan to expand it into Google Playstore or Shopify App Marketplace like ecosystem . Currently, Theme and plugins of WooCommerce are scattered and distributed through marketplace like Themeforest, which are not known for upholding code quality and security.

    Doesn’t it hurt the WooCommerce brand?

    Either way keep up the awesome work 🙂

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    • marinawoo

      Thank you both for your feedback, and question. Our target customers are store developers and extension developers, this has evolved over the years.

      We do have some interesting marketplace plans, stay tuned during the rest of this year 🙂


  2. Joseph Abraham

    Just posted this on twitter. One issue I take with many WordPress related talks is that they are either exclusively inspiring or technical. You did a great job at being both inspirational and practical.

    To say I was impressed would be a vast understatement. I will surely be following Marina Pape from this point forward.

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  3. Marrissa Deng

    It seams not many people use wordpress blog.


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June 21, 2017

When I joined the WooCommerce marketing team in July 2014 we were three. Today we’re a team of thirteen and the landscape of how we work, what we produce, and how we engage users, has changed a lot. Also, WooCommerce has changed a lot! Including being acquired by Automattic. I’d love to share a talk summarising some of the key things I’ve learnt as part of the WooCommerce marketing team.

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