Al Davis: Organizing Your Content – Pages, Posts, Categories and Tags

One response on “Al Davis: Organizing Your Content – Pages, Posts, Categories and Tags

  1. harrietbograd

    Thanks, I found this talk very helpful.

    Is it possible to have different page templates for different categories of posts? For example, can some posts be just a single wide column on a page, while others are narrower with a sidebar?

    We are migrating from an old-fashioned php site to a newer WordPress site. On the old sitte, we have many pages that are copies of articles from our semi-annual magazine, organized by the communities where we work. We also have blog posts in a WordPress blog, which mainly are copies of shorter, more time-sensitive items from our monthly email updates.

    After listening to your talk, I’m thinking that both the time-sensitive blog entries and the less time-sensitive magazine articles should all be posts. But we might want the blog entries to appear with a sidebar, and we might want the magazine articles to be wider,in a single column without a sidebar.

    Thanks again for a great talk!

    Harriet Bograd, President
    Kulanu, Inc.


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September 26, 2017

In this session, attendees will learn how and when to use Pages vs Posts and how to organize their posts using Categories and Tags.

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