Lightning Talks: Day 2

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October 19, 2017

Using WordPress to Grow our Network – Maura Teal (Fansided)
Customizer-centric Workflows – Jonathan Wold (XWP)
Tune Up Democracy – Ernesto Aguilar (National Federation of Community Broadcasters)
How a drumming magazine leapt into digital subscriptions with resounding success – Peter Ericson (Zeen 101)
How to design branded content – Katya Bazilevskaya (
A Biased Guide to Managing Bias – Jake Spurlock (Wired)

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WordCamp for Publishers 2017 12


Maura Teal 7
Jonathan Wold 5
Ernesto Aguilar 1
Peter Ericson 1
Katya Bazilevskaya 1
Jake Spurlock 5


English 9310

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