Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow

13 responses on “Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow

  1. hashimwarren

    I can do everything he demoed, and everything he said is coming in the future using Beaver Beaver, Beaver Themer, and Advanced Custom Fields

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  2. Michael Carnell

    Great presentation. Excellent communication of what Gutenberg is and what WP can be.

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  3. Bird

    This is a disaster for many companies. Many companies use a web designer, who sets everything perfectly, and then regular employees can add content without screwing up the design. Gutenberg makes every office worker a designer on your company’s site, and that’s a huge mistake. Millions of companies will end up being moved off of WordPress by their web designer.

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  4. maksraja

    The best clarification to support project Gutenberg. the ability to extend it is the real killer .

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  5. Alkesh Miyani

    I can’t believe it!! Someone can explain so much for next Gutenberg editor.

    And good news for “Morten Rand-Hendriksen”, we watched this same video in our last WordPress meetup (Link – And this was an amazing output from the team after the session complete.

    Really inspiring for WordPress Developers.


  6. booxalivedotnl

    May I ask: will themes not be needed anymore? And ‘child themes’, will they belong to the past?


  7. intelliwolf

    This was really helpful from a “mind-shift” perspective. Thanks.


  8. yatishpro

    Relay Amazing. I think for Plugins like Page Builders loose their grip in the market.


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December 10, 2017

“What do I need to learn to become a WordPress developer?” This question pops up in forums, social media, and everywhere else on a daily basis. I think a better question is “How do I prepare for a future that looks nothing like the status quo?”

Tech is changing at incredible speed, and what we consider important skills today may be meaningless a year from now. This talk is a discussion of what technologies are on the horizon, how the web and the internet will change, and how we can all prepare for a future with or without WordPress.

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