Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow

12 responses on “Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow

  1. hashimwarren

    I can do everything he demoed, and everything he said is coming in the future using Beaver Beaver, Beaver Themer, and Advanced Custom Fields

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  2. Michael Carnell

    Great presentation. Excellent communication of what Gutenberg is and what WP can be.

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  3. Bird

    This is a disaster for many companies. Many companies use a web designer, who sets everything perfectly, and then regular employees can add content without screwing up the design. Gutenberg makes every office worker a designer on your company’s site, and that’s a huge mistake. Millions of companies will end up being moved off of WordPress by their web designer.


  4. maksraja

    The best clarification to support project Gutenberg. the ability to extend it is the real killer .

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  5. Alkesh Miyani

    I can’t believe it!! Someone can explain so much for next Gutenberg editor.

    And good news for “Morten Rand-Hendriksen”, we watched this same video in our last WordPress meetup (Link – And this was an amazing output from the team after the session complete.

    Really inspiring for WordPress Developers.


  6. booxalivedotnl

    May I ask: will themes not be needed anymore? And ‘child themes’, will they belong to the past?


  7. intelliwolf

    This was really helpful from a “mind-shift” perspective. Thanks.


  8. yatishpro

    Relay Amazing. I think for Plugins like Page Builders loose their grip in the market.


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December 10, 2017

“What do I need to learn to become a WordPress developer?” This question pops up in forums, social media, and everywhere else on a daily basis. I think a better question is “How do I prepare for a future that looks nothing like the status quo?”

Tech is changing at incredible speed, and what we consider important skills today may be meaningless a year from now. This talk is a discussion of what technologies are on the horizon, how the web and the internet will change, and how we can all prepare for a future with or without WordPress.

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