Amy Fawcett and Julie Pham: Practical WordPress Marketing for Nonprofits

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February 22, 2018

Are you a small, ambitious nonprofit with lots of programs but a little marketing budget? Is it hard to show what you do on your WordPress website because your org just does so many different things? Do you need help maximizing your WordPress site’s potential to market your mission? In this session, we’ll share 3 cost-effective ways of promoting your nonprofit’s work:

1. Build an online annual report
This is a highly effective and super shareable way of showing your nonprofit’s impact. And you won’t have to print and mail those reports again.
2. Build microsites for your special programs/events
Highlight your special fundraising events or conferences with a microsite, which has its own mini navigation bar.
3. Create an issue specific resource
You can create a crowd-sourced Google sheet that will drive new traffic to your site. It’s an easy to maintain document too. (Ex: Women in Tech).

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