Ricky Blacker: How WordPress Changed My Life!

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August 26, 2019

WordPress has become a passion of mine and I love to share this personal journey of how WordPress has changed my life for the better in many ways … and continues to do so. I share my story to inspire others to become more involved with the WordPress community and also to follow their dreams.

WordPress has taken me from a factory job that I was NOT happy in, to loving my work in an amazing company and being paid to travel the world and interact with the WordPress community.

This talk tells of how ‘discovering’ WordPress became a life-changing experience – how I was adopted into the WordPress community who are now like family to me, and how attending WordCamp Sydney in 2014 lead to a series of events that paved the way to me acquiring my dream job.

During my talk I give examples of how giving back to the WordPress community can be beneficial in many ways. Hopefully, I inspire those just embarking on their WordPress journey to follow their dreams, and encourage people by sharing how overcoming some of our fears and social anxieties can lead to amazing opportunities.

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