Cristiano Zanca: WordPress loves GatsbyJS and GraphQl

2 responses on “Cristiano Zanca: WordPress loves GatsbyJS and GraphQl

  1. eugelogic

    Good talk Cristiano, well done!

    Look forward to see more WordPress websites with Gatsby on the front end.

    I just wanted to point out that the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin you mentioned (11:45) is now obsolete. We should be using the gatsby-source-graphql plugin instead

    This new plugin should be used with the and WordPress plugins



  2. cristianozanca

    Hi eugelogic, thanks for appreciate!

    I don’t get the point about the obsolescence of the plugin gatsby-source-wordpress that seams to be alive and kicking

    and as you can see, the demo Gatsby/WordPress website is still working now 17/04/2020



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December 21, 2019

GraphQl è il più interessante strumento per creare headless CMS Vediamo come il nostro amato WordPress insieme a GatsbyJS può essere utilizzato come base dati per un front-end completamente libero da ogni schema.

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