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  • Jesús Amieiro: Entornos de desarrollo local para PHP

    Jesús Amieiro: Entornos de desarrollo local para PHP

    WordPress Pontevedra MeetupSpeaker: Jesús Amieiro

    August 2, 2019 — Si te dedicas al desarrollo con WordPress tu trabajo va a ser más rápido y eficiente si usas un entorno de desarrollo local que se adapte a tus necesidades. En esta sesión voy a:
    · Explicar la necesidad de un entorno de desarrollo local: incremento de la velocidad de trabajo, posibilidad de trabajar desconectado, testeo seguro de sitios, temas y plugins,…
    · Analizar los requisitos de un entorno de desarrollo local: LAMP/LEMP, IDE, Git, navegador, herramientas de compilación SaaS, WP-CLI,…
    · Mostrar los distintos entornos de desarrollo local libres (XAMPP, MAMP, Vagrant VVV, Docker, …), explicando las ventajas e inconvenientes de cada uno de ellos.

  • Jenny Wong: Getting ready for PHP7.2

    Jenny Wong: Getting ready for PHP7.2

    WordCamp Nordic 2019Speaker: Jenny Wong

    June 14, 2019 — At the State of the Word, it was announced that one of the upcoming focuses of the WordPress project is raising the minimum version requirement of PHP.

    WordPress core is already PHP7.2 compatible but are your plugins and themes?

    In this talk, Jenny will be looking at the steps needed to check if plugins and themes are compatible, and the lessons learned from doing the steps.

    Are you PHPrepared?

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  • Andy Fragen : Bringing WordPress Core to PHP 5.6 and Beyond
  • Rodolfo Melogli: 10 PHP snippets to increase WooCommerce sales

    Rodolfo Melogli: 10 PHP snippets to increase WooCommerce sales

    WordCamp Prague 2019Speaker: Rodolfo Melogli

    May 2, 2019 — Presentation called 10 PHP snippets to increase WooCommerce sales by Rodolfo Melogli.

  • David Hoy: Who needs PHP?

    David Hoy: Who needs PHP?

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: David Hoy

    April 19, 2019 — For years I held myself back thinking that because I couldn’t comprehend PHP there was a limit to how far I could go as a developer.

    With WordPress and plugins like Toolset this is absolutely untrue. There is no data management problem I cannot solve with these two powerful platforms working together.

    In this workshop , I want to demonstrate how quickly a front end form can be created and then how the data captured can be manipulated to create awesome solutions for our clients.

    Any of the new form builders can be used, but Toolset is my go to as the support is unreal. To date I’ve built recruitment platforms, tourist portals, an entire HR Suite and much more using Toolset.

    For WordPress users this knowledge could be very useful, for WordPress Developers this knowledge opens the door to lots of repeat business from their existing client base.

  • Piero Savastano: Machine Learning in PHP: Hello World

    Piero Savastano: Machine Learning in PHP: Hello World

    WordCamp Rome 2018Speaker: Piero Savastano

    April 14, 2019 — L’ecosistema del Machine Learning sta crescendo e una serie di funzionalità prima accedibili soprattutto da linguaggi come Python o R sono ora disponibili anche in PHP, aprendo numerosi casi d’uso in ambiente WordPress. Vediamo un esempio minimale di Machine Learning in PHP con la libreria open source PHP-ML.

  • Drew Jaynes: WordPress Development in a Modern PHP World

    Drew Jaynes: WordPress Development in a Modern PHP World

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Drew Jaynes

    March 8, 2019 — WordPress’ minimum-supported version is still PHP 5.2 (gasp!) but that doesn’t mean you should let that hold you back from leveraging modern PHP features in your plugins and themes!

    In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into ways you can start leveraging modern PHP features today to bring new life to that old plugin or theme. We’ll cover how to code partial plugin activation for old versions of PHP, use autoloaders and namespaces, setup group aliasing, use return type declarations, leverage traits, and much more.

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  • Dani Serrano: Por Que No Debes Utilizar Functions.php

    Dani Serrano: Por Que No Debes Utilizar Functions.php

    WordCamp Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2019Speaker: Dani Serrano

    March 4, 2019 — Aprende por qué no es buena idea utilizar functions.php para todo.

    Para explicarlo bien es necesario descubrir y explicar algunas de las nociones básicas a la hora de programar en WordPress.

    Aunque lo puede parecer no es una charla técnica, cualquiera podrá seguirla sin conocimientos de programación previos.

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  • Alena Holligan: PHP for WordPress

    Alena Holligan: PHP for WordPress

    WordCamp Portland 2018Speaker: Alena Holligan

    February 28, 2019 — You’ve built a WordPress site or two (or 10), your installed plugins and themes to MOSTLY get what you want. Now you’re ready to learn the inner workings of WordPress and take your development to the next level.

    Jump into WordPress development and PHP by building a Plugin and learn to speak WordPress’ language: PHP.

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  • Andreas Lopez: Basics of PHP: Action and Filter Hooks

    Andreas Lopez: Basics of PHP: Action and Filter Hooks

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Andreas Lopez

    January 22, 2019 — You don’t need to be an established developer – this is an Intro talk into PHP. Hooks are a great way to see immediate advantage of learning and using custom PHP.

    Hooks are one of two things:

    Action Functions (add, edit or remove functionality)
    Filter Functions (modify output)

    Both of these are native to WordPress Core and are also created by Plugin developers to help you – a fellow developer – out. Learn how to use these powerful tools to your own advantage for customization and getting the results you want.

    This is a Lightning Talk so it will be limited to the core concept itself and you will see up to three practical examples of an action and filter respectively.
    You will walk away with the knowledge of how to find these hooks within a plugin or WordPress core and have the confidence to experiment with these.

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