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  • Michelle Schulp : Pixel Imperfect - A Practical Approach To Responsive Design

    Michelle Schulp : Pixel Imperfect – A Practical Approach To Responsive Design

    WordCamp Orange County 2017Speaker: Michelle Schulp

    June 16, 2017 — With seemingly endless new ways to browse the web, we know that responsive design is here to stay. But how do we adapt the traditional design process to flexible screen sizes, device-based restrictions, and multiple use-cases without feeling like we’re giving up all control to the great unknown? We’ll learn how to use our Problem Solving Superpowers to move away from creating endless mockups, and into crafting Design Systems. You’ll learn actionable methods to transform how you design for the web, and workable ways to present these designs to your team or your client.

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  • Stefanie Young: Responsive Design

    Stefanie Young: Responsive Design

    WordCamp San Antonio 2016Speaker: Stefanie Young

    March 14, 2017 — Going over the basics of design in WP theme building. How to help organize your classes, bootstrap (if someone intends on using it) and overall design output through desktop and devices.

  • Sharon France: Honey - You’re Not Even Responsive

    Sharon France: Honey – You’re Not Even Responsive

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Sharon France

    February 9, 2017 — How I learned to stop worrying and love WordPress: a beginner’s tale

    Three years ago I decided to wrest back control of my website and what better way to do that than to build a WordPress site?

    So I did that, with a little help from a coding friend, and there it has sat, like a lump ever since: not updated, not doing anything, definitely not responsive (does it need a shot of adrenaline?) and definitely my own personal testament to fear of both web design and the internet’s unceasing affair with change (shudder).

    But today that changes. Today I commit to resuscitating my website and on the way I shall do my best to chronicle the journey: the good, the bad and the ugly… hopefully there is not so much ugly!

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  • Edmund Turbin: WordPress Gets Responsive, Images For All Devices

    Edmund Turbin: WordPress Gets Responsive, Images For All Devices

    WordCamp Antwerp 2016Speaker: Edmund Turbin

    October 17, 2016 — It’s easier than ever to create responsive websites with WordPress since the addition of native handling for responsive images in core as of the WordPress 4.4 Clifford release. Understand why it is important to provide users with images that are appropriate for their screen size and learn what happens to images behind the scenes. This is a technical talk that will deep dive into how you can take advantage of responsive images in your sites.

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  • Tom Hermans: RWD – Responsive, Responsible, Rant on Web Design

    Tom Hermans: RWD – Responsive, Responsible, Rant on Web Design

    WordCamp Antwerp 2016Speaker: Tom Hermans

    October 17, 2016 — Responsible Web Design: This is mostly a UX oriented talk starting from the intent and the purpose of your site and how to incorporate that into a scalable, modular approach of building the architecture and frontend of your site.

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  • Kevin Hoffman: Demystifying Responsive Images in WordPress

    Kevin Hoffman: Demystifying Responsive Images in WordPress

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016Speaker: Kevin Hoffman

    October 8, 2016 — Whether you are an advanced WordPress theme developer or simply editing content from the dashboard, there is one question that everyone asks at one point or another:

    What size should my images be?

    This already complex question takes on a whole new dynamic with the recent addition of responsive images in WordPress 4.4. While the basic concept of responsive images may be easy to grasp, a true understanding of the inner workings is far more elusive. In this talk, we will demystify responsive images and learn how to strike a proper balance between image performance and image quality within any context.

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  • RESS - The Next Step In Responsive Design

    RESS – The Next Step In Responsive Design

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016Speaker: Anthony Laurence

    September 20, 2016 — We’ve all heard about responsive design and how important it is. But most designers and developers only use techniques to build their sites to be responsive on the client-side without even knowing about a completely different approach to responsive design: Responsive Design with Server Side Components (RESS).

    RESS leverages the server to make websites and applications as lightning fast as possible. I will discuss the pros and cons of both client-side and server-side responsive design and show techniques that designers and developers can start using today.

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  • Ethan Butler: Using the REST API for Better Responsive Images

    Ethan Butler: Using the REST API for Better Responsive Images

    WordCamp Asheville 2016Speaker: Ethan Butler

    August 19, 2016 — WordPress 4.4 was a milestone release, with the addition of both responsive images and a REST API. In this session, I’ll demonstrate API endpoints and JavaScript I’ve written for using the REST API and AJAX to load responsive background images into sites.

    This technique has several advantages: first, using the background-image property is more semantic and powerful than traditional s. Second, you can have a dynamic background on an otherwise cached page. Third, you have more information available about how your user is viewing your site than just their viewport width.

    The session will include three short demos: First, a basic demonstration of the technique. Second, using array_rand on the server to pull in a random background image. And as a finale, using the ambient light API in OSX Firefox to load in “day time” and “night time” images.

    Take aways:

    The addition of responsive images into the WordPress core was powerful, but it doesn’t solve every problem and isn’t always semantic.
    Using AJAX to load images has many benefits because you can know more about the client.
    The WordPress REST API can be used for more than you realize.

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  • Robert Nucci: Visual Composer – la gestione del responsive, dei template, e dei custom post type

    Robert Nucci: Visual Composer – la gestione del responsive, dei template, e dei custom post type

    WordPress Meetup RomagnaSpeaker: Robert Nucci

    June 27, 2016 — Lo speech è di fatto un hands-on con il quale viene spiegata la modalità di gestione del layout responsive con Visual Composer. Inoltre viene spiegata la funzionalità di Grid Builder, con il quale è possibile visualizzare a frontend i contenuti di un custom post type. Viene infine spiegato come copiare e riutilizzare template utilizzati frequentemente.

  • David Brattoli: Custom Responsive Theme Workshop

    David Brattoli: Custom Responsive Theme Workshop

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: David Brattoli

    June 20, 2016 — After watching a video on, I discovered an easy way to create the basis for a complete custom responsive theme for WordPress. Demonstrating Steve Zehngut’s method for taking the Underscores Theme from Automattic and Foundation 5 from Zurb, we’ll build a custom responsive theme. Bring a Photoshop mockup, or just a sketch on a napkin and turn it into a reality during the session, or at least get a good start on it. Also included, you’ll see how to use this method to create a framework and then create a child theme for the look of the site, so you’ll be able to build future sites quickly.

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