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  • Susannah Waite: Accessibility and WordPress

    WordCamp San Antonio 2020Speaker: Susannah Waite

    January 17, 2021 — This talk explains how everyone can promote more accessible sites while developing in WordPress.

  • Joe A. Simpson Jr: Cover Your Assets: WordPress Accessibility Images, Videos

    WordCamp Austin 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    November 13, 2020 — Most WordCampers know what an image ALT tag is or have seen closed captions on television shows or YouTube videos. Still, the majority of those reading this skip these critical first steps in making client or personal sites accessible.

    This talk covers these basics:

    – What the first 4:44 seconds of the Lion King can teach us about accessibility
    -How to find WordPress themes and plugins to get you started on being accessible right “out of the box”
    – How to avoid generating creating “craptions” and tools to improve YouTube’s auto-captioning
    – How, as a beginner, how you handle images and videos in a more mobile-first world can improve your site performance in SEO ranking
    – How accessibility is often seen as an inconvenience but actually enhances your website performance if done correctly

  • Joseph LoPreste: Web Accessibility Made Easy for WordPress

    WordCamp Denver 2019Speaker: Joseph LoPreste

    November 4, 2020 — We explain what the WCAG 2.1 guidelines are and why they are so important to us as WordPress developers and agencies.

    Then we offer our easy and actionable steps that you can do to your website as soon as you get home to help you become compliant.

    We of course go through and explain each step we offer so you will understand clearly.

    Finally, we offer some resources and links to completely free plugins that you can use to test your websites Section 508 compliance and help your compliance instantly.

  • Glen Ingram: Web Accessibility and On-Page SEO: Why They Are Really Like Twins

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2020Speaker: Glen Ingram

    November 2, 2020 — W3C web standards are the foundation for building a web page to work well with Google, screen readers, and all assistive devices. This talk explains why the fundamentals we use for Google to index and rank pages are also the foundations for website accessibility.

  • Eric Bailey: The Intersection of Performance and Accessibility

    WordCamp Boston 2019Speaker: Eric Bailey

    October 30, 2020 — Accessibility is a practice that touches on many aspects of good web design and development, including performance. This talk will highlight opportunities and techniques to improve your website or web app’s performance by embracing an accessible, inclusive mindset.

  • Lydia Rogers: A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Accessibility

    WordCamp Boston 2019Speaker: Lydia Rogers

    October 30, 2020 — You know your website should be accessible, but how can you achieve that? This session will get you started creating content that is available to all. I’ll review how to layout content on a web page so that it can be read by assistive technology, guidelines to creating sentences and paragraphs that are accessible, and how to include images, charts and infographics in a way that transmits information to those with sight impairments and reading challenges. I’ll also show you how you can include downloadable documents on your website. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs all can be accessible.

  • Joseph LoPreste: Web Accessibility Made Easy

    WordCamp Boston 2019Speaker: Joseph LoPreste

    October 30, 2020 — We explain what the WCAG 2.1 guidelines are and why they are so important.

    Then we will offer 11 easy and actionable steps that you can take as soon as you get home to help you become compliant.

    We also go through and explain and give examples of each step so you will understand clearly.

    Finally, we offer some links to free software that you can use to test your websites Section 508 compliance.

  • Joe A Simpson Jr: Ouch! WordPress Accessibility That Should Not Hurt

    WordCamp Rochester 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    October 28, 2020 — One evening at a WordPress Meetup presentation in a northern valley of Los Angeles, an attendee turned and punched Joe A. Simpson, Jr, in the arm saying, “accessibility makes me sooooooo angry!” Why does baking even the most basic WCAG 2.0 guidelines into your project cycle create such a reaction?

    In this presentation, we’ll debunk common misconceptions designers, developers, and business owners have and learn how advocating for access to all improves your site SEO, design, user experience, and function through interactive audience examples and discussion to ease the pain of compliance.

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  • Joe Simpson: Cover Your Assets: WordPress Accessibility Images, Videos, and More

    WordCamp Asheville 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    September 29, 2020 — This talk explains the importance and value of advocating for accessibility. Learn how to add accessibility techniques to your processes. Learn how making sites accessible can increase revenue and grow audiences.

  • Stefano Minoia: Towards universal design through accessibility, usability and inclusion

    WordCamp Europe 2020Speaker: Stefano Minoia

    June 21, 2020 — Every website should ideally be built so that whoever visits it, for whichever possible reason, is able to navigate through it: we can describe this idea as Universal Design.
    Obviously, in practice, it’s impossible to build the perfect website for everyone, but, if we want to take steps towards this ideal, three concepts can guide our choices: accessibility, usability and inclusion. In this talk, Stefano will explore these concepts, discussing what they are, what makes them different from one another (despite their overlappings) and how we can use them together to build the best possible experience for most of our users.