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  • Panel Discussion: WordPress in Higher Education
  • Troy Dean: Online Education Communities with WordPress

    Troy Dean: Online Education Communities with WordPress

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Troy Dean

    December 11, 2016 — In this talk, I will deliver a detailed case study on how WordPress can be used to deliver online education courses and build highly engaged communities of students.

    Most online courses achieve student completion rates of around 2% – 10% according to this MOOCS research study.

    We have achieved 65% completion rates of our online courses by building incredibly engaging courses and a world class learning environment built on WordPress. The best part of this talk is that the online courses and community we have built are all for WordPress developers and freelancers so this is truly a WordPress showcase piece.

    The online education market is worth over US$100BN and WordPress provides a great platform for all online educators to improve the quality of their courses and deliver better student outcomes.

    The core technology covered will include WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, BadgeOS and the LearnDash Learning Management System. I will also talk about the psychology and strategy of delivering an online course to maximize student engagement and completion rates.’

  • Vishaka Mantri: Open Source Studio - Learning and Content Management For Online Education In The Arts

    Vishaka Mantri: Open Source Studio – Learning and Content Management For Online Education In The Arts

    WordCamp Singapore 2016Speaker: Vishaka Mantri

    October 5, 2016 — Using WordPress at its heart OSS tries to create a virtual studio where students and faculty can collaborate on projects in an online social space that encourages transparency and cooperative learning.

  • Josh Eaton and Adrienne Debigare: Getting Classroom Blogging Up and Running in Higher-Education

    Josh Eaton and Adrienne Debigare: Getting Classroom Blogging Up and Running in Higher-Education

    WordCamp Boston 2016Speakers: Adrienne Debigare, Josh Eaton

    August 14, 2016 — The HBS Digital Initiative, in partnership with Reaktiv Studios, has been building a networked classroom blogging tool, called Open Knowledge. Our goal is to make Open Knowledge the destination to create, share, discover and engage in discussions about the future of business within the classroom and beyond.

    Implementing such a platform within higher education requires specific technical and social considerations. What about FERPA? Do students feel comfortable doing work publicly and digitally? What back-end tools are need for grading and curation? How can conversations remain civil while also remaining public?

    We will share our findings from the last year of design research, user testing, and iterative development. We’ll discuss the ways WordPress might be customized for use in a classroom setting, and then spend as much time as possible for Q&A. Our findings are incredibly compelling for broader implementation, and we are excited to help other schools figure out a similar roadmap!

  • Panel: WordPress in Higher Education
  • Rachel Carden: Using WordPress in The World Of Higher Education

    Rachel Carden: Using WordPress in The World Of Higher Education

    WordCamp Atlanta 2016Speaker: Rachel Carden

    March 28, 2016 — Much like online businesses or blogging, higher ed is a world of its own with unique challenges, content, stakeholders, and target audiences. In our world, we don’t worry so much about which eCommerce plugin is best. Instead, we’re more concerned with how to manage a large-scale network of faculty blogs, abide with FERPA regulations, and implement Active Directory single sign-on. This talk will showcase how WordPress is used in the world of higher ed and how we’re a great candidate for utilizing WordPress to its full potential, whether it’s using the powerful CMS to stretch limited resources or using its new API capabilities to share information and break down silos.

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  • Curtiss Grymala: WordPress In Higher Education

    Curtiss Grymala: WordPress In Higher Education

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Curtiss Grymala

    December 11, 2015 — According to some statistics, WordPress is used on nearly 25% of the entire World Wide Web; and is the content management system (CMS) of choice for nearly 2/3 of websites using a CMS. While the numbers within higher education may or may not match those, WordPress is heavily used within that vertical.

    Many institutions are using WordPress to present their whole public-facing websites; some are using it to build large commons for their students and communities; some are using WP as a tool to help students build digital portfolios; and some are even building living textbooks with WordPress.

    Within this talk, we’ll take a look some examples of WordPress as it’s used in higher ed, we’ll discuss some of the contributions that higher ed has made to WordPress over the years, we’ll explore some of the challenges faced in higher education, and we’ll look toward the future of WordPress usage in higher ed.

  • Rafi Yagudin: WordPress in Education Case Study -  Tufts University

    Rafi Yagudin: WordPress in Education Case Study – Tufts University

    WordCamp Denver 2015Speaker: Rafi Yagudin

    July 4, 2015 — While a graduate student at Tufts University, my old lab called “Center for Engineering Education and Outreach” (CEEO) wanted to jump on the “online virtual classroom” bandwagon. I was tasked with finding the appropriate platform to kick-start our venture into this space. I decided to go with WordPress due to it being free and supported by a large, healthy community of diverse people around the world.

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  • Panel Discussion: WordPress at Scale - Enterprise, Media, and Education

    Panel Discussion: WordPress at Scale – Enterprise, Media, and Education

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Experienced EditionSpeakers: Evan Cordulack, Jeremy Felt, Josh Kadis, Nathan Letsinger, Grant Landram

    May 6, 2015 — This panel is comprised of the project managers and developers behind three complex and highly-trafficked WordPress sites. They’ll briefly discuss how they use WordPress at scale and the challenges they had to overcome. and will then take questions from the audience.

  • Maria Erb: How WordPressCan Save Higher Education

    Maria Erb: How WordPressCan Save Higher Education

    WordCamp Portland 2013Speaker: Maria Erb

    August 23, 2013 — Higher Ed is facing economic challenges that make it ripe for disruption. WordPress offers a great UI and has the potential to be a first rate purveyor of learning content. This presentation explores how WordPress can become the de facto platform for open sharable learning content and resources.

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