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  • Joe Simpson: Cover Your Assets: WordPress Accessibility Images, Videos, and More

    WordCamp Asheville 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    September 29, 2020 — This talk explains the importance and value of advocating for accessibility. Learn how to add accessibility techniques to your processes. Learn how making sites accessible can increase revenue and grow audiences.

  • Joe Simpson: 90 Days – Finding Your Place in the WordPress Community

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Joe Simpson

    June 10, 2019 — A great opening to a WordCamp, this is a tale of overcoming, revisiting dormant passions, inspiration, and motivating others through giving back to Community.

    After years of general fatigue, a myriad of tests without an answer, a catheter was inserted through my hip eventually winding its way to my heart, discovering two blocked arteries. After successfully re-opening them, I set out on difficult cardio-rehabilitation to regain heart fitness. During the next three months (including a leave of absence from work), Joe set out to restore my physical, spiritual and emotional well being. This speech details a 3-month journey of rediscovery the things that nourish and nurture each of these three areas — a thirst for learning, unearthing my dormant creativity and all things WordPress.

    He set out to become more mindful of the things that bring me positive energy including truly engaging in the Community — 4 WordCamps, 16+ WordPress Meetups, and Events, designed a Wapuu, and a website build/brand to give back. From Castaic north to Palmdale (northernmost Los Angeles County), east to Riverside and all ports of call in-between (Pasadena, Whittier, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles) learn what makes good clubs while finding a network of common minds and colorful characters and gain inspiration to start the WordPress Santa Clarita Valley Meetup, over 8,000 Miles later.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:

    What are the benefits of attending WordCamp?
    Why join a WordPress Slack Channel?
    Why volunteer to help at a WordCamp (experience being on both sides of the table)?
    What is a WordPress Meetup?
    What are the ‘five rules’ of hosting a WP Meetup?
    How to get started? From visiting your local WordPress Meetup to even starting your own.
    How to harness the energy from attending a WordCamp in your WP Meetups?
    What are the benefits of attending a WordPress Meetup?
    What is
    What are my favorite WordPress podcasts?
    Who are the faces of WordPress Community?
    Learning resources – Codex, videos and more.
    Why would I do something so crazy (deal with LA traffic)?
    My takeaways or goals (get better at WordPress, start a local Meetup, etc)

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  • Joe A. Simpson Jr: Cover Your Assets: WordPress Accessibility Images, Videos

    WordCamp Austin 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    November 13, 2020 — Most WordCampers know what an image ALT tag is or have seen closed captions on television shows or YouTube videos. Still, the majority of those reading this skip these critical first steps in making client or personal sites accessible.

    This talk covers these basics:

    – What the first 4:44 seconds of the Lion King can teach us about accessibility
    -How to find WordPress themes and plugins to get you started on being accessible right “out of the box”
    – How to avoid generating creating “craptions” and tools to improve YouTube’s auto-captioning
    – How, as a beginner, how you handle images and videos in a more mobile-first world can improve your site performance in SEO ranking
    – How accessibility is often seen as an inconvenience but actually enhances your website performance if done correctly

  • Joe A Simpson Jr: History 101 – How Creating a Wapuu Adds Fun to your WordPress Event

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    November 3, 2020 — What is a Wapuu? If you’re new to the WordPress Community and a WordCamp or Meetup, seeing these whimsical and playful characters in and around events worldwide. In this presentation, we’ll look at how these mystical creatures came to be, fit into each event’s brand messaging, and sets the tone for each weekend.

    We’ll also take a look at the five Wapuu characters I’ve created and the thought process behind their creation, the “rules” of creating a standard Wapuu, the Field & Trading Outpost – their home, review some of my favorite Wapuus spotted, and more.

    Need a change of pace during your busy WordCamp day? Stop in for this fun peek behind the curtain.

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  • Joe A Simpson Jr: Ouch! WordPress Accessibility That Should Not Hurt

    WordCamp Rochester 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    October 28, 2020 — One evening at a WordPress Meetup presentation in a northern valley of Los Angeles, an attendee turned and punched Joe A. Simpson, Jr, in the arm saying, “accessibility makes me sooooooo angry!” Why does baking even the most basic WCAG 2.0 guidelines into your project cycle create such a reaction?

    In this presentation, we’ll debunk common misconceptions designers, developers, and business owners have and learn how advocating for access to all improves your site SEO, design, user experience, and function through interactive audience examples and discussion to ease the pain of compliance.

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  • Joe A Simpson Jr.: Lucky 7 – Don’t Install ANYTHING ’til You Hear This WordPress Plugin Presentation

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    July 6, 2020 — Most of us hit the ground running with WordPress – we have a site to build for a client or ourselves and install ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help us achieve our goals. As a WordCamp Lead and WordPress Meetup Organizer, I often have to talk the aforementioned builders off of the ledge with the tips contained in this presentation.
    I’ll share the Lucky Seven, a few must-have WordPress Plugins everyone should use, and why you should be using each. In our time together we’ll also cover:
    • What is a plugin? • Where to find plugins • The recommended way to find a plugin • Free vs Premium plugins • What factors to consider when choosing a plugin (support, community, etc) • Avoid common pitfalls users encounter when installing plugins
    Join me as we work to help you achieve your goals, level up, add value to your practice with WordPress.

  • Andrea Middleton, Michelle Frechette, Joe A. Simpson Jr.: WordCamp Kent 2020 Community Panel

    WordCamp Kent 2020Speakers: Andrea Middleton, Michelle Frechette, Joe A Simpson Jr.

    June 16, 2020 — Learn what inspires others to become WordPress community enthusiasts!

    These community leaders have organized countless WordCamps, Meetups, and other community events; spoken at even more; and encouraged others to contribute-to, learn-from, and participate-in the WordPress community.

  • Joe A. Simpson, Jr.: Ouch! WordPress Accessibility That Should Not Hurt

    WordCamp Long Beach 2019Speakers: Joe A. Simpson, Jr.

    November 13, 2019 — At a WordPress Meetup presentation, an attendee turned and punched Joe A. Simpson, Jr, in the arm saying, “accessibility makes me so angry!”

    We’ll debunk common misconceptions designers, developers, and business owners have and learn how advocating for access to all improves your site SEO, design, user experience and function through interactive examples and discussion.

  • Verious B Smith III and Joe A Simpson Jr: Site Help w/WordPress – Growing Your WordPress Business with Verious B Smith III (Part 2)

    WordPress Meetup Santa Clarita Valley Meetup 2019Speakers: Verious B. Smith III, Joe A Simpson Jr.

    May 17, 2019 — We’ll talk WordPress with one of its brightest stars, Community Leader, WordCamp Organizer & Speaker, Verious B Smith III, about his journey in WordPress and growing his business.