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  • Tammie Lister: Custom CSS in the Editor

    Speaker: Tammie Lister

    September 30, 2020 — Tutorial on how to add custom CSS to the editor and blocks.

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  • Tammie Lister: Dropped stitches and tangled yarn: a call to simplify WordPress

    WordCamp Glasgow 2020Speaker: Tammie Lister

    April 22, 2020 — Over time, products get tangled. There’s a race to add new features, fix the most bugs, enhance the user experience – until eventually, your product is a confusing and complicated mess, like a tangled ball of yarn. This complexity is a natural progression for any product, but it’s possible to improve the situation. Join Tammie to discuss methods to distil a product flow down to its most essential parts, using the WordPress user experience as an example.
    Good for all experience levels, and for people who work with other people.

  • Tammie Lister: Global Styles – What’s in the Works

    WPBlockTalk April 2020Speaker: Tammie Lister

    April 16, 2020 — Tammie Lister shares what’s in store for global styles within the block editor. This is another peek into what’s coming and how you can take advantage of (and contribute to) the power of the block editor.

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  • Mike McAlister, Jeffery Carandang, K.Adam White: Case Studies for Creating Blocks

    WPBlockTalk April 2020Speakers: Mike McAlister, Jeffery Carandang, K. Adam White

    April 15, 2020 — “This session features three distinct case studies, plus a group Q&A, from Mike McAlister, Jeffrey Carandang, and K.Adam White.

    In the first case study, Mike shares his perspective on creating Atomic Blocks, as well as a bit of design theory with atomic design itself. Next, Jeffrey demonstrates the features provided by EditorsKit and explains what led him to create this super-useful plugin. Finally, K.Adam takes us through the process of converting shortcodes to custom blocks and provides several tips to make this transition easier for developers and editorial staff alike.”

  • Tammie Lister: Thinking remotely through games

    WordCamp US 2019Speaker: Tammie Lister

    November 13, 2019 — Thinking and working collaboratively sometimes needs a little spark. Working remotely sometimes seems a hurdle to traditional team games; it doesn’t have to be. From easy retrospectives to planning, you’ll get a few tried and tested options to ignite thinking in a remote team.

  • Tammie Lister: A tale of Gutenberg usability testing

    WordCamp Milano 2017Speaker: Tammie Lister

    October 11, 2019 — This is a tale of how usability testing began as a community project and grew. Discover along the way the results and how they influenced the project so far. Learn how to run usability tests and also a lot more about Gutenberg along the way.

  • Tammie Lister: Thinking in Patterns

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Tammie Lister

    June 20, 2019 — Everything has a pattern underneath. Designs can be broken down, distilled into patterns. When you think in patterns the process can be faster, easier. I’ll show you in this talk, that whatever you label it, the concept is powerful, natural. A fragmented approach to design goes perfectly with modern development and gives you a robust workflow for the future.

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  • Tammie Lister: Design Matters In Open Source

    WordCamp Manchester 2018Speaker: Tammie Lister

    May 7, 2019 — Open source matters to the future of design. It enables more people to have access to design. Open source matters to the future of us all. Designing in open source isn’t always easy and in this talk I’ll draw on my background along with experiences in the WordPress project. What are the challenges and why does it matter to have design in open source? How can we create spaces that encourage design thinking? How can we all unite in an open source future?

  • Tammie Lister: Building for Stress Cases

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Tammie Lister

    April 23, 2019 — We use the term edge cases, it’s time to stop using that and switch to saying stress cases.

    It’s time to stop dismissing and make sure those stress cases are exactly what we do focus on creating the experiences for.

    By building for the stress cases, we create a better experience for everyone.

  • Tammie Lister: Product Design Through Stories

    WordCamp US 2018Speaker: Tammie Lister

    December 30, 2018 — Stories are powerful and a part of our genetic DNA. Stories in products can be used as fuel to power creation. The experience itself is a story and it’s important to craft the narrative. By understanding the stories of those interacting with the product, you can guide, support and even change their narrative from a tragedy to a happily ever after. In this talk I will show how to use stories in your day to day work. Start seeing the stories, learn ways to tell the stories to others. By putting stories at the heart of everything you do, you experience will improve and everyone will have a better time.