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  • John Housholder: The Future of WordPress in Nashville

    John Housholder: The Future of WordPress in Nashville

    January 4, 2013 — John Housholder discusses the future of WordPress in Nashville, the Nashville Meetup, WP Nashville, and future business opportunities within the WordPress community in Nashville.

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  • Bobby Bryant: Javascript Prototypal Inheritance. How Its Different And Why You Need To Know It.

    Bobby Bryant: Javascript Prototypal Inheritance. How Its Different And Why You Need To Know It.

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Bobby Bryant

    March 18, 2017 — A big hurdle for WordPress Developers when jumping into Javascript development is the paradigm switch from PHP’s Class based classical inheritance to Javascript’s more Functional prototypal inheritance.

    In this talk we will be taking an in-depth look at how objects work in Javascript. We will also be look at different ways to handle inheritance in Javascript. In addition to reviewing what JS Prototypes are, we will also spend some time looking at object creation patterns in JS. How they differ from PHP, and in some ways how they are similar. We will even cover cool things that Javascript lets us do like borrowing methods from other objects. And much much more.

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  • Todd O'Neill: Web Publishing with WordPress Across the Curriculum

    Todd O’Neill: Web Publishing with WordPress Across the Curriculum

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Todd O'Neill

    March 18, 2017 — The web created the first universal publishing platform but schools, of all levels, are still having students submit paper or “electronic documents” for grading and review. Academic work lives in private, closed systems, never exposing students to the opportunity of external feedback.

    This session will propose a different approach. We require incoming college freshmen to become publishers during their first few weeks in school. They create websites and use that publishing platform to post personal reflections, current event updates … and all of their assignments. The website becomes a repository for what will be a portfolio of assignments by the time a student graduates.

    Our approach could work for any discipline, but it will take a change of mindset and the acquisition of new skills and infrastructure. It’s time to change the culture of education by creating college graduates that are media literate, proficient web publishers and good digital citizens.

  • Terell Moore: WP-CLI - Work Faster Not Harder

    Terell Moore: WP-CLI – Work Faster Not Harder

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Terell Moore

    March 18, 2017 — Work faster, not harder. You’ve probably heard of WP-CLI, but do you know everything you can do with it?

    We’re going to take a deep dive into WP-CLI, from installation, to configuration and automation of your common WordPress maintenance tasks. It’s you don’t want to miss this!

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  • Lacy Paschal: Coding from 1999 - HTML Email and WordPress

    Lacy Paschal: Coding from 1999 – HTML Email and WordPress

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Lacy Paschal

    March 18, 2017 — Does your organization send a lot of HTML Emails? Are you tired of getting in your Delorean every time and coding tables and inline styles, oh my? Let WordPress do the heavy lifting. At Vanderbilt, we’ve built out an Email Creator WordPress theme that allows our users to easily create HTML emails, using various template options. Come to this session to learn more about how to reduce the effort you’re putting into HTML marketing, and putting more control in the hands of your users.

  • Matt Cheney: Testing Your Code as Part of an Industrial Grade Workflow

    Matt Cheney: Testing Your Code as Part of an Industrial Grade Workflow

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Matt Cheney

    March 18, 2017 — There are a lot of obvious benefits to using version control for your projects, but there are a lot of non obvious benefits too. In this session, learn how to create an industrial grade version control workflow using Git and automatic testing. Topics that will be covered include:

    * How to Use Git Branches – Instead of having all of the developers work on the same “master” branch, you can have developers work on separate branches that can be created per developer, per feature, or even per ticket in your project management system.

    * How to Do Performance Testing – Instead of crossing your fingers when you site gets a lot of traffic, be sure that your site can handle the traffic by doing performance testing on each deployment that you do.

    * How to Do Cross Browser Testing – Instead of firing up a bunch of Virtual Machines to test different browsers and devices, set up an automatic script so that every time you are looking to do a deploy you get a bunch of screenshots to review.

    * How to Do Visual Regression Testing – If you are pushing a change that shouldn’t effect the front end of the site, wouldn’t it be nice to verify that? Learn how to visually compare a “before” and “after” version of your site to see where (if anywhere) visual changes happen.

    * How to Notify You Of Deployments – Instead of wondering if code has been deployed, learn how to integrate your workflow with chat solutions like Hipchat/Slack or more traditional solutions like SMS or Email.

    If you are a developer or manage developers on web projects, this session will help you learn how to level up your workflow and do a lot of really powerful testing on your project every time you do a commit.

  • Mike Toppa: The Promise and Peril of Agile and Lean Practices

    Mike Toppa: The Promise and Peril of Agile and Lean Practices

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Mike Toppa

    March 18, 2017 — Agile practices such as Scrum, and Lean practices such as Kanban, have become some of the biggest buzzwords in tech, and are top keyword in job descriptions. But they’re also frequently misunderstood, and constantly argued about online, which can make them seem intimidating and confusing. They can affect everything from how you write code, to how you organize your work, and how you relate to your customers. I can’t cover everything about them in a single talk, but I can explain some core Agile and Lean concepts, and how to go about trying them out in a way that can maximize their benefits while minimizing risk and disruption to your work. I’ll share insights from hard-won experiences bringing Agile and Lean practices to several different companies and consultancies where I’ve worked. While some of these practices are tremendously beneficial for WordPress work, others can cause confusion, and even harm if you try to suddenly force them into a typical WordPress development environment. I’ll do Q&A with the audience through most of the talk, as every workplace has unique challenges, and I want to make sure the talk addresses what’s on people’s minds and the challenges they are dealing with, whether they’re issues with difficult customers, deadline pressures, too many bugs, project management difficulties, etc.

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  • Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrade Anxiety No More - 5 Steps to Having a No Surprise Upgrade

    Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrade Anxiety No More – 5 Steps to Having a No Surprise Upgrade

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Dustin Meza

    March 18, 2017 — WordPress upgrades, they bring us new features, faster sites, and better security. But pushing that upgrade button can be a scary moment, unless you’ve ensured your site is ready and compatible. I’ll show you the best practices for ensuring your site is ready including a simple strategy that works whether you manage one site or hundreds.

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  • Mitch Canter: WordPress Development with Vagrant, VVV, and VV

    Mitch Canter: WordPress Development with Vagrant, VVV, and VV

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Mitch Canter

    March 18, 2017 — The day I discovered Vagrant was the day that I changed the way I worked. I went from fighting with server setups and local development boxes to seamlessly creating sites that fit in with my own workflow. But Vagrant by itself, while good, won’t get you there alone.

    That’s where VVV – a WordPress development environment – comes in. VVV comes pre-equipped with all of the tools, bells, and whistles needed to streamline your development environment.

    Mitch will walk you through the setup of Vagrant, commands and tips to help you get the most out of Vagrant, and other applications (VVV Dashboard and VV) that help you use VVV to its full potential.

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  • Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon - How To Break The Speed Barrier

    Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon – How To Break The Speed Barrier

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Zach Stepek

    March 18, 2017 — In eCommerce, speed is your most important metric. Mere milliseconds can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart, which could mean millions of dollars in lost sales. I’ve spent a good portion of the last three years in pursuit of page speed, exploring caching, virtual machines, hosting platforms, SSL negotiation time, CSS preprocessing, minification, inline styles and WooCommerce optimizations with the goal of sub-one second pageloads. Using real-world examples, I’ll show you the results I’ve been able to achieve and how to replicate them yourself.

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