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  • Adam W. Warner: WordPress as a Catalyst for Any Passion: My Story, Your Story

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Adam W Warner

    January 26, 2019 — Adam left college with a degree in Advertising Design and went straight to work on the factory floor making office furniture. It wasn’t the life he’d imagined but having been raised in a blue-collar family, he was taught that a strong work ethic would make you invaluable to “the company” and “they” would provide the financial security and stability needed to raise a family and enjoy life. In other words, this meant working in the same stark metal building for 30 years with 20-minute lunch breaks and two weeks vacation in the summer.

    In this session, Adam details how he discovered WordPress and the open source community, the many businesses that he’s started and failed at, and how he’s utilized these experiences to continually fuel his entrepreneurial spirit and create his own path to a work/life balance and how you can too.

    No matter what your passion, WordPress can be an integral tool to helping you achieve your dreams and success in your own business.

  • Laura Byrne-Cristiano: How to Win Friends and Influence People in a 280 Character Universe

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Laura Byrne-Cristiano

    January 14, 2019 — When you’re passionate about your content, how do you get others interested when you’ve only got 280 characters to pitch yourself in an authentic and passionate way? Especially, when you have limited time, and you have to wear multiple hats, how do you get your social media to work to promote your website without ripping your hair out or banging your head into a wall?

    This session covers tips, tricks, and best practices that let you work smarter rather than harder when it comes to plugging your WordPress site on social media. The talk predominantly focuses on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Lee Drozak: Difficult Clients or Clients Who Become Not So Ideal

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Lee Drozak

    December 11, 2018 — We’ve all had one, or two or more – the client from hell. Sometimes it’s because we didn’t want to say no and other times it’s because we didn’t know any better. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to weed out those who will suck up your time, micromanage a project and leave them happy, so they refer you to their friends and people in their networks.

    You’ll walk away knowing…

    How to vet prospects before you say yes to them
    How to keep a project on track and make the client feel like a partner
    How to address out of scope issues
    How to provide follow-up to keep them coming back
    How to know if it’s time to terminate and fire that client
    Running a business is hard and having clients from hell makes it stressful. This workshop is for businesses of all size, whether your a freelancer going it alone or an agency working with a full team.

  • Josh Pollock: Introduction To Block Development

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Josh Pollock

    December 11, 2018 — WordPress 5.0 introduces a new block editor called “Gutenberg” and if you’re a WordPress developer, you need to know how to build blocks. This talk will get you started.

    You will learn, what Gutenberg is and when you should create your own blocks. Then we will cover how to load CSS and JavaScript files for blocks, how to create blocks with static content and editable blocks. This talk is aimed at developers familiar with JavaScript.

  • Ben Meredith: How To Get Better Support

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Ben Meredith

    December 11, 2018 — We’ve all had the experience of a support technician being seemingly unable to answer our questions about their theme, plugin, or service.

    Believe it or not, theme and plugin developers and their support techs really do want to help you. Their goal is to make sure that the technology they provide you isn’t just a sale, but useful, and, ultimately, works to make your website successful. To make sure that you are both working in the same direction, there are some things you can do to ensure a great outcome.

    Do you know that there’s a link between your support tickets and better documentation?

    Do you find yourself frustrated at developers and support reps who can’t seem to diagnose issues arising from their plugins or themes?

    Do you want to find better answers to your support questions, more quickly?

    Plus, the two-minute method of solving +50% of your support requests before you even send them.

  • Abbey Perl: How To Build Your Platform Around Compassion

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Abbey Perl

    December 11, 2018 — You built your company, you have your website, and everything is looking great! But, you might be missing something- your compassion! Compassion is what drives companies and organizations to the right direction, no matter what you’re doing! It may be the small step to create a whirl of change for the people you serve. Follow Abbey Sager and her award-winning organization, Diverse Gaming Coalition, on how to shape your social media around kindness, boost your SEO with your philanthropy , and create an impact with your company.

  • John Centofanti: Brand Positioning: Growing Your Business by Finding Your Niche

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017Speaker: John Centofanti

    July 25, 2018 — If your marketing isn’t working, it might be because you haven’t properly branded your business. This session will cover how to develop your own brand, how to position it in the marketplace and attract the right clients. We’ll also cover ways to develop messaging for your business.

    This session will be a condensed version of the work we do with all new clients to prepare their business for effective marketing. This will be easy to understand and practical.

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  • Missy Sorg: Using WordPress for Podcasting

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017Speaker: Missy Sorg

    July 25, 2018 — When podcasting became a thing over a decade ago, there weren’t many options for distribution. In order to share our podcasts, we needed to develop a home for them – somewhere where people could find us online that was easier to work with than simple listing sites like TalkShoe or iTunes. That’s why we took advantage of resources we were familiar with – specifically WordPress. We have individual websites for our in-house podcasts – as well as a network page which is home to our growing catalog of Pittsburgh podcasts. I’ll show you how we’ve been able to do that and how you can do it, too.

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  • Lauren Pittenger: Systems and Processes for Creatives

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017Speaker: Lauren Pittenger

    July 24, 2018 — As creatives, we have a lot on our plates. Keeping it all straight can be a real challenge, particularly for those of us to whom it does not come naturally. Over the past few years as a professional creative, I have found that having systems and processes in place can make a huge difference. The trick? Don’t over-complicate it. In this talk I share how to get started creating and using simple systems and processes to help us do our best work while keeping our sanity intact.

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  • Alex Riddle: Local SEO: Steps for Ranking Success

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017Speaker: Alex Riddle

    July 16, 2018 — Looking to drive more walk-ins, leads, and phone calls to you or your clients local business? You’ll see how to select profitable keywords that get you more business; tips and tricks to getting more online reviews; the most common local SEO mistakes + ways to avoid them; how to get found in mobile search results; and how to get an easy to measure ROI from your SEO while spending as little time as possible.

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