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  • Fabio Pacifici: How to Create a Custom WordPress Plugin | Add a Custom Post Field #4

    Speaker: Fabio Pacifici

    October 9, 2020 — In this video I’ll walk you through the steps to add a custom post field to the plugin that we have built in the previous videos.

  • Fabio Pacifici: How to Create a WordPress Plugin With a Custom Post Type #1

    Speaker: Fabio Pacifici

    October 9, 2020 — Build a custom plugin with WP-CLI is straight forward. We can use the `wp scaffold plugin` command to generate the base files for our plugin.

  • Pablo Postigo: React frontends para WordPress con Frontity

    WordCamp Colombia 2020Speaker: Pablo Postigo

    September 14, 2020 — En esta ponencia Pablo Postigo, co-fundador y CEO de Frontity, dará una introducción a los fundamentos para el uso de WordPress como un Headless CMS y cómo utilizar React en el Frontend. Esta arquitectura desacoplada permite brindar una gran «Developer Experience» al equipo tecnico a la hora de construir interfaces complejas, cuidando a la vez la experiencia de los creadores de contenido, ya que les permite seguir utilizando su CMS favorito.
    Pablo hará un repaso de las soluciones actuales que permiten combinar WordPress con React. Además compartirá su visión sobre el futuro de JavaScript y en el ecosistema WordPress, y recorrerá la historia detrás de la creación de Frontity, con especial énfasis en compartir los principales aprendizajes después de años construyendo el framework.

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  • Stefan Sovrlić: Improving post click experience using advanced tracking methods

    WordCamp Sofia 2019Speaker: Stefan Sovrlić

    August 10, 2020 — The goal of the talk is to give the audience several solutions on how they can improve their campaigns by optimizing their post-click experience using advanced tracking methods. A good chunk of the talk would cover how you can utilize Google Tag tracking codes to identify the bottlenecks on your website which are not readily apparent using conventional “wisdom” if you will, which most marketers use.

  • Fotis Routsis: Custom Post Types, Post Meta, Custom Taxonomies – Η καρδιά του σύγχρονου WP

    WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019Speaker: Fotis Routsis

    June 15, 2020 — Η καρδιά των σύγχρονων υλοποιήσεων σε WordPress στηρίζεται στην βέλτιστη αξιοποίηση των Custom Post Types, Post Meta και Custom Taxonomies. Σκοπός της παρουσίασης ειναι να κάνει ενα σαφή διαχωρισμό ανάμεσα στα τρία και μέσω εύκολων παραδειγμάτων να βοηθήσει τον χρήστη στην ορθή επιλογή λύσεων που στηρίζονται στα άνωθι.

    The heart of modern WordPress implementations is to make the most of Custom Post Types, Post Meta and Custom Taxonomies. The purpose of the presentation is to make a clear distinction between the three and through easy examples to help the user in choosing the right solutions based on the above mentioned.

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  • Mauricio Gelves: Loop, Plantillas y PreGetPost: el ABC de WordPress

    WordPress GaliciaSpeaker: Mauricio Gelves

    May 18, 2020 — Uno de los grandes motivos por el cual WordPress tiene tanto éxito en el mundo del desarrollo Web, es la facilidad que tiene para implementar distintos tipos de páginas y recuperar la información de la base de datos con poquísimas líneas de código.

    Esta funcionalidad se basa en 3 grandes pilares: el «Loop», la «Jerarquía de Plantillas» y un filtro llamado «pre_get_posts».

    En esta charla veremos una repaso general de estos 3 pilares para que los asistentes entiendan su funcionamiento y puedan aprovechar el potencial para sus próximos proyectos Webs.

  • Marco Berrocal: Custom Post Types & Taxonomías

    WordPress Meetup San JoséSpeaker: Marco Berrocal

    April 8, 2020 — Marco Berrocal explica dos componentes que hacen de WordPress un Gestor de contenidos súper poderoso: tipos de contenido personalizado (CPT) y taxonomías personalizadas. Aprrenderemos cómo hacer ambas cosas desde cero, utilizando escenarios reales.

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  • Kate Toon – Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Posts (And How To Change That)

    WordCamp Sydney 2019Speaker: Kate Toon

    March 16, 2020 — Kate Toon is a writing entrepreneur, as well as a popular coach, speaker, author and podcaster. Her digital education businesses The Recipe for SEO Success and The Clever Copywriting School have helped more than 8000 small business owners grapple the Google beast and write better content.

    Nominated as SEMRush SEO Personality of the Year and AusPod’s Business Podcast of Year, 2 years running, Kate runs Australia’s only dedicated copywriting conference COPYCON. She presents at events around the world and runs several hugely successful Facebook groups.

    Author of the Amazon Best Seller Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur: How to succeed in business despite yourself, Kate lives on the Central Coast of Sydney City, where she loves wandering on the beach with her son and her CFO (Chief Furry Office-dog) Pomplemousse.

  • Allison Kinnear: You Are Not a Fraud: Conquer Your Inner Impostor

    WordCamp Seattle 2018Speaker: Allison Kinnear

    December 30, 2019 — What do perfectionism, not delegating and being a workaholic have in common? All are symptoms of Impostor Syndrome, a pattern of thinking that is ruled by the fear of being exposed as a fraud.

    In this interactive talk, you will discover:

    How to recognize Imposter Syndrome
    3 ways to overcome feeling like a fraud
    Skills for becoming more confident at work
    Join us for this powerful experience and learn how to conquer your inner impostor.

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  • Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries: How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts and Get Them Ranking

    WordCamp Niagara 2019Speaker: Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries

    December 30, 2019 — How to write, publish and promote high-quality blog posts that will make Google, your website or business and most importantly, your users, happy.
    1) Creating Your Post – How to choose the right topic and title, write using LSIs etc.
    2) Publishing Your Post – How to format for mobile users, internal linking, meta info and other on-page optimizations, and what WordPress plugins can help
    3) Promoting Your Post – Don’t stop once it’s published! How to use Search Console to get it indexed quickly, creating and implementing a distribution strategy to help with SEO.