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  • Thomas Patrick Levy: A Developer’s Guide to Support

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Thomas Patrick Levy

    August 18, 2016 — What I’ve learned, as a developer, about interacting and empathizing with those poor non-developers who have given me money for code I have written and now expect me to help them, teach them, and respect them despite their absurd questions with obvious answers.

  • Jerrett Farmer: WordPress for Lazy People

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Jerrett Farmer

    August 17, 2016 — What are some of the ways to quickly get a WordPress site up and running with a minimal amount of effort?

    An over view of core plugins, page builders and themes as well as the latest cutting edge software to help even the unmotivated get a high quality WordPress Site up and running.

    Also a tongue and cheek humorous presentation that reveals the pitfalls of shortcuts and the final assessment of what it takes to get a WP based site live.

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  • Greg Taylor: Content Development

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Greg Taylor

    August 17, 2016 — We are all competing with not only each other, but will the big boys for attention. Good will never be good enough again, only Superb content will move the needle for your business goals and get you noticed

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  • Alicia St Rose: Boom Chakra-laka – The Holistic Approach to Web Design

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Alicia St. Rose

    August 17, 2016 — We’ve all heard something along the lines of this before from a potential client: “We want a simple website, 5 or 6 pages and 3 navigation tabs. A shopping cart and a contact form”. Hmm…Okay. Yeah, sure you can build that. Great. But are you offering solutions to this client’s colorful challenges online and offline? Probably not. Which means this website is doomed to fail.

    A website does not stand isolated from the many aspects integral to good business planning: marketing, Company mission/message, target audience, social media, mailing list… Like a holistic practitioner takes into account all the Chakras, you should be addressing all your client’s business aspects to produce an online presence that is solid and effective. Just building a site does not solve your client’s challenges: which are ultimately to get more exposure, sell more products, save money, reduce wasted man hours or an infinite variety of problems. If you concentrate on offering SOLUTIONS for your clients’ CHALLENGES then you are more likely to see a web presence with measurable success and happier, enlightened clients!

    In this session I will inspire you to elevate from just a website builder to the higher plane of “Solutionary”!

    Get ready to clear some Chakras, yo!

  • Candice Gilliatt: Get Off The Workflow Roller Coaster

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Candice Gilliatt

    August 17, 2016 — As a website designer, you can drive yourself crazy with the on-again, off-again roller coaster of building websites. The opportunity for you to engage clients beyond the website build exists and can lead to long-term stability.

    Here is some of what participants will learn:

    How SEO can to turn a one-time website build into a long term opportunity with their clients
    The critical point when you must introduce SEO in order to create happier clients and more referrals
    SEO secrets you can use right away to wow your clients and keep them coming back for more
    How to turn SEO into profits – whether you do it yourself or outsource it to an expert

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  • Jen Miller: Creating and Maintaining Sites While Mobile

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Jen Miller

    August 17, 2016 — Introduces design, development and blogging app resources that allow WordPress users the freedom to manage a business, team, multiple websites and other assets while on the go.

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  • Andy Fragen: Contributing to Open Source

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Andy Fragen

    August 17, 2016 — Contribute, contribute, contribute. Forums, GitHub, or Core pick one or all. A brief overview of how to start contributing to WordPress.

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  • Russell Aaron: A Problem With WordPress Theme Demonstrations

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Russell Aaron

    August 17, 2016 — One of the awesome parts about buying a product always includes the test drive or the free sample. The same goes for Themes and Plugins. However, are Theme demonstrations being completely honest when it comes to showing off the goods?

    in this WordCamp Orange County Session, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons to not having any coding standards when it comes to building theme’s and plugins. We’ll also be taking a deep dive into three WordPress Theme Demonstrations to show what they are really selling you on.

  • Mika A. Epstein : Dependency Inferno

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Mika Ariela Epstein

    August 17, 2016 — We want our code to be fast, to work well, and look good. But do we really need all the bells and whistles? Understanding the burdens we place on end users when we code, such as large plugins and themes with stringent requirements, is just as important as security.

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  • Nathan Tyler: Using WordPress as an App Framework

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Nathan Tyler

    August 15, 2016 — There has been lots of discussion around using WordPress as an app framework. In this talk, we’ll take a detailed look at the ups and downs of using WordPress to build a web app ( with:

    WP REST API Endpoints
    OAuth Authentication with 3rd party services
    WP Cron & Job Queues
    3rd Party API integrations
    User Registration & Account Management
    Recurring Billing
    An overview and look into how all these components work together, where WordPress saved development time, and where it caused headaches.

    This talk is not an endorsement or condemnation of using WordPress as an app framework. Each project is different, and the goal is to openly discuss the tradeoffs so developers can make informed decisions for their own projects.