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  • Alexander Gounder: How I broke WordCamps in India

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Alexander Gounder

    June 23, 2019 — This talk is a gist of my interaction with the WordPress and WordCamp Community, how I did something that changed the course of WordCamps in India.

  • Utsav Singh Rathour: WordCamps: Making the most out of them

    WordCamp Pune 2017Speaker: Utsav Singh Rathour

    May 4, 2017 — his talk on will focus on why one should attend a WordCamp and how to make the most out of your WordCamp experience. With more WordCamps happening in India this year (props to WCUdaipur and WCKochi), Utsav’s talk comes just at the right moment.

    He believes, he can provide a little something on how one can make the most out of this grand event. He thinks, be it in your city or miles away in another country, attending WordCamps should be more than just attending sessions.

  • Avadhoot Kulkarni: वर्डप्रेस आणि रिमोट काम (WordPress and Remote Work)

    WordCamp Pune 2017Speaker: Avadhoot Kulkarni

    April 30, 2017 — Avadhoot loves marketing and has been an evangelist of remote work for more than 2.5 years now.

    He has been fortunate to serve clients across the globe (USA, Middle East, South East Asia) from his comforting home-office and/or coffee shops in Pune, India.

    In his experience, as a remote worker, he is happier and more productive. He has also noticed that his communication skills have improved and he has been able to convey more in fewer words since started to work remotely.

    At WordCamp Pune, Avadhoot will discuss remote work. Mainly he’ll cover:

    Reasons to choose remote work
    Asynchronous communication
    Skills to be developed for productive remote work
    Also, he looks forward to a discussion about how a business can go from 100% office to office -remote and eventually 100% remote.

    This will include tools that can be used and approach to be developed for better and effective remote work.

  • Prasad Nevase: Ingredients of a Successful Project Delivery

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Prasad Nevase

    June 26, 2019 — Through this session, Prasad is going to share his experience on how empathy & ownership towards the project helps in successful delivery. Keeping in mind the client success as an end goal, Prasad will explain some important points one should focus on, along with the examples of how it helped him.

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  • Jitesh Patil: 3 step process to creating magic with content

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Jitesh Patil

    June 25, 2019 — Whether you’re running a business or a blog – relevant, timely and remarkable content can create a magical experience for your audience.

    Creating content that creates magic is a 3 step process:
    1. Understanding your audience’s problems
    2. Creating unique content that solves your audience’s problems
    3. Putting content in front of your audience

    During this talk, I’ll discuss these 3 steps with real-life examples.

  • Tripad Mishra: A fast(er) website without a PhD

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Tripad Mishra

    June 25, 2019 — Realistic ideas of optimizing your (self hosted) WordPress website, without the slide that says move your site to a VPS

  • Ionut Neagu: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of SEO

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Ionut Neagu

    June 25, 2019 — SEO is a scary term for a lot of people, it has a sort of shady aura around it, however, not the tricks or hacks are the ones which moves the needle in the long term, common sense helps.

    I would try to debunk some myths, as well give specific tips on how you can grow your traffic from search engines, based on my experience with growing two of the most popular WordPress blogs.

  • Vaidehi Singh Sharma: Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? | Covering Indians’ Stories

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Vaidehi Singh Sharma

    June 25, 2019 — This talk will cover the day-to-day challenges of the people working on remote jobs. Some of the challenges that will be covered in this talk will be:

    1) Issues like anxiety and imposter syndrome,
    2) Societal issues and pressure,
    3) Peer pressure,
    4) Disturbance in the families and responsibilities due to remote jobs,
    5) People’s perspective towards professionals working remotely,
    6) Communication challenges,
    7) Confusions among professionals while taking the first step towards remote jobs, etc.

    The talk will cover small stories (fiction) to explain the title and the issues mentioned above. I prefer to take it in Hinglish (Hindi + English).

  • Imran Sayed: Introduction to Gutenberg

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Imran Sayed

    June 25, 2019 — Imran is going to tell you about Gutenberg, how it can help you build rich and engaging content, and the technologies that Gutenberg uses to simplify content creation. He will also share his experience of how he created his first custom block and will help you write a simple plugin for your own custom block.

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  • Sujay Pawar: Tips for Marketing Your Products

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Sujay Pawar

    June 25, 2019 — I would like to share tips for marketing commercial plugins & themes.