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  • Adrian Restantia: Design Workflow in Agency Environment for Rapid WordPress Development

    WordCamp London 2015Speaker: Adrian Restantia

    June 1, 2015 — Adrian presents the internal design workflow that used at Moove to ensure that they can work in so called ‘rapid development mode’ here. He explains how this internal design workflow is important for the team of WordPress developers. He also explains how this design process can make developer’s life easier in the html / css coding stage, shorten timelines and result in better development work.

  • Rachel Baker: Put Your Content to REST With WP-API

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Rachel Baker

    July 6, 2014 — The JSON REST API (WP API) is coming to WordPress Core in WordPress 4.1. Come to learn more what the JSON REST API is, why this upcoming feature is a game changer for WordPress as an application platform, and leave with some examples of how you can be using or extending it today. This talk walks through examples of how to make HTTP requests to view resources through the API, and authenticating to perform more sensitive actions such as creating, editing, and deleting resources. Learn about all the resources available within the WordPress JSON REST API from our documentation, including: posts, pages, post_meta, taxonomies, comments, users

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