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  • Cyrille SANSON: Matomo : vade retro, cookies et Google Analytics !

    WordCamp Marseille 2019Speaker: Cyrille SANSON

    January 2, 2020 — Le suivi et l’analyse de l’audience d’un site web est primordial. Il permet de connaître son public et d’améliorer son site. Plusieurs outils remplissent cette fonction, et Google Analytics domine le marché. Bien que cette solution soit facile à mettre en œuvre, elle pose la question du respect des données privées (RGPD). Utiliser GA c’est confier ses données à un tiers (dépendant du Cloud Act).

    Il existe cependant une option libre et gratuite qui apporte des fonctionnalités similaires : Matomo. Nous allons voir comment, en utilisant Matomo, on peut respecter les données privées et éviter légalement le consentement des cookies tout en récoltant des données analytiques nécessaires.

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  • Guillermo Camarena: Event Tracking con Google Analytics y WordPress

    WordCamp Guadalajara 2019Speaker: Guillermo Camarena

    November 14, 2019 — Las campañas pagadas de marketing digital funcionan con base en conversiones (llamadas, formularios, WhatsApp’s etc) la idea es enseñar cómo podemos medir esas conversiones desde WordPress, para impulsar el crecimiento de las campañas.

    Si tienes alguna de estas preguntas, esta plática es para ti:
    – Qué es una conversión y cómo trackearla (medirla) en Google Analytics.
    – Cuáles son las conversiones más comunes.
    – Cómo trackeo eventos específicos desde WordPress (Formularios, llamadas, WhatsApps)
    – Cómo medir objetivos de Google Analytics desde WordPress, tales como una llamada, un email, y un WhatsApp

  • Claudia Kramer: Taking Analytics to the Dance Floor

    WordCamp Zurich 2019Speaker: Claudia Kramer

    September 19, 2019 — Your marketing and SEO efforts are paying off: there’s movement on the dance floor (aka traffic on your WP website)! But who’s dancing and who’s leaving the party too soon? Let’s invite analytics to the stage and discover its power – so you can rock it!

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  • Tom McCracken: Results Oriented Google Analytics- Become an Irreplaceable Expert

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Tom McCracken

    July 7, 2019 — Transform Google Analytics from a maze of baffling figures to a robust optimization tool that drives the success of your WordPress projects. In this session, you will learn how to “cage the beast” that is Google Analytics allowing you to achieve insights that actually matter.

    We will cover how move beyond stock metrics to track meaningful engagement and conversions. Start scoring referrers, content, website changes and much more allowing you to uncover the most effective opportunities for improvement. Finally, learn how to integrate reporting to empower smarter data-driven decisions.

    For those who are determined to create impactful websites with online marketing that maximizes results, this talk will deliver actionable items you can implement as soon as you get back into your office.

  • Frank Corso: Getting Started with Google Analytics

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Frank Corso

    June 26, 2019 — Imagine a website that is getting 1000 users a day. Now imagine that about 50 of them are spending money on the site. You probably want to get more of the users that are spending money on the site but how do you know where these users are coming from? Maybe you know that all of them are coming from Twitter or Facebook but do you know which post or tweet refers the most people who actually convert to customers? Or, how do you know how many signed up to receive your lead magnet? This is where analytics comes in.

    In this talk, we will discuss:

    How to see where your users are coming from
    What pages/posts your users most spend time on
    What actions your users do on your website
    What UTM codes are and how to use them
    How to see exactly which links in your marketing drives the most traffic and conversions
    And much more!

  • Heather Burns and Marissa Goldsmith: Getting the Balance Right: GDPR and Google Analytics

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speakers: Heather Burns, Marissa Goldsmith

    April 17, 2019 — The web sites and apps we create, both for ourselves and for our clients, need to collect user analytics for a range of reasons ranging from workflow to user experience to security.

    However, user tracking can cross the line from insightful anonymised data collection to intrusive personally identifiable monitoring. GDPR, Europe’s revamp of its data protection and privacy regime, becomes enforceable on 25 May – the day before WordCamp Belfast.

    The incoming ePrivacy Directive revamp also renews rules on analytics. This double overhaul creates refreshed obligations for you to inform your site users about any counting, tracking, and monitoring you carry out on your web sites and apps, to provide users with options over your counting and tracking, and to ensure that your data collection respects your visitors privacy.

    In our talk, we will help you to achieve a healthy balance between data collection and privacy which respects your business, your users, and your refreshed legal obligations.

    Our talk will cover:
    How to understand your audience so that you can understand their data
    Why minimal data collection and retention makes sense from an ethical perspective
    What user tracking is and is not permitted under GDPR as well as the ePrivacy Directive revamp
    How to explain your use of analytics and tracking in your privacy notices
    How to provide your visitors with an opt-out of analytics and tracking
    How to collect analytics with the greatest respect for user privacy
    How to ensure information is not personally identifiable to an individual (Deaggregation/anonymisation/pseudonymisation)
    How to determine a data retention and deletion period
    Dealing with third party tools: Google Analytics as our example
    What other forms of tracking cross ethical and legal boundaries

  • Marko Tanaskovic: How to make the most of your website with Google Analytics

    WordCamp Bratislava 2018Speaker: Marko Tanaskovic

    March 1, 2019 — How to use Google Analytics data to make your website better for your users.

    Understand your audience. Get to know them. Explore their interests. Follow their footprints on your website.

    See what is working and what is not. Understand what is drawing in your visitors and how to keep them on your website. Evaluate your marketing channels. Improve your content and website structure. Find out if there are any problems. Use all this insight to make the most of your website and make it more interesting and accessible for your visitors.

  • Pablo Moratinos: Retargeting con Analytics y Google Ads: Haz que tus clientes vuelvan

    WordCamp Zaragoza 2019Speaker: Pablo Moratinos

    January 27, 2019 — Caso práctico de creación de audiencias en Google Analytics y su uso en Google Ads para recuperar visitas en los casos de sitios web profesionales más habituales en WordPress: páginas corporativas, membership sites, e-commerce, blogs…

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  • Pam Aungst: How to Increase (or Improve) Your Google Analytics Skills

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Pam Aungst

    January 23, 2019 — Take your Google Analytics knowledge to the next level in this intermediate session that covers beyond-basic tactics including: Event & conversion tracking, custom reports, custom segments, custom dashboards, secondary dimensions, filters, referral spam, self-referral issues, and cross-domain tracking.

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  • Diane Varner: Creating Robust Analytics Experiences

    WordCamp Philly 2017Speaker: Diane Varner

    January 19, 2019 — Gain a better understanding of how to triangulate analytics data by using Google Analytics, a CRM, and analytics from social media. As a developer, you might play a role in supporting content marketing; understanding how these pieces fit together will strengthen your position when you need to provide your expertise to building or improving your company’s or client’s digital presence.