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  • Maja Benke, Sören Wrede: WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg & TwentyNineteen
  • Tetsuya Imamura: より便利に、効率よく ! WordPress 次期エディター「Gutenberg」の基本的な操作を知って、今日から使い始めよう

    Tetsuya Imamura: より便利に、効率よく ! WordPress 次期エディター「Gutenberg」の基本的な操作を知って、今日から使い始めよう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Tetsuya Imamura

    October 17, 2018 — Useful and Fast! WordPress next editor, Gutenberg

    次のメジャーリリースとなる WordPress 5.0で導入される新エディター「Gutenberg」をもっと詳しく知りたい方向けのセッションです。

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  • John Eckman: Structured Content in the Age of Gutenberg

    John Eckman: Structured Content in the Age of Gutenberg

    WordCamp Boston 2018Speaker: John Eckman

    October 14, 2018 — Content Strategists like Karen McGrane make a distinction between CMS implementations that store content in large, unstructured “blobs” and those which store finely grained, structured “chunks.” WordPress is often accused of being on #teamblob but with appropriate use of custom post types, post meta, taxonomies, and term meta, can be an excellent example of #teamchunk.

    Now enter project Gutenberg, with inline block creation, block templates, block types, shared blocks and dynamic blocks.

    Is this a return to #teamblob? If you create a block for, as an example, staff profiles, will you end up with hardcoded staff phone numbers in different blocks on different pages? Will you have to rewrite the staff directory to be a dynamic block? What’s all this about storing the content as html comments?

    This talk will not be a deep dive into the code of Gutenberg, but will explain how Gutenberg’s approach fits into the debate about structured content versus unstructured content, and how you can best leverage the new WordPress editor without going all blobby.

  • Kjell Reigstad & Allan Cole: How We Made Our First Gutenberg-Powered Theme

    Kjell Reigstad & Allan Cole: How We Made Our First Gutenberg-Powered Theme

    WordCamp Boston 2018Speakers: Allan Cole, Kjell Reigstad

    October 14, 2018 — Gutenberg is an opportunity for us to rethink how we design and build WordPress themes.

    Allan Cole and I will share the story of how we made our first Gutenberg-powered theme. We’ll cover the entire process from concept to launch, while sharing the challenges, joys, and discoveries we encountered along the way.

    This should be informative to anyone who makes WordPress themes, or is curious about how Gutenberg effects themes moving forward.

  • Zac Gordon: Gutenberg Development with React

    Zac Gordon: Gutenberg Development with React

    WordCamp London 2018Speaker: Zac Gordon

    October 9, 2018 — In this workshop we introduce React basics and how React works inside of WordPress and Gutenberg. Then we walk through how to build several blocks using React, including advanced blocks with server side goodness like meta box integration. A quick mention of webpack, babel and npm will occur as well 😉 Come get hands on with the future of WordPress development!

  • Ulrich Pogson: An introduction to Gutenberg

    Ulrich Pogson: An introduction to Gutenberg

    WordCamp Lausanne 2018Speaker: Ulrich Pogson

    October 9, 2018 — Ulrich is a dedicated WordPress contributor, especially as a senior reviewer for the Theme Review Team. He started the WordPress Meetup in Bern @WPBern was the lead organisers for WordCamp Bern in 2017.

    He works for required, a remote WordPress agency from Switzerland & Germany, as a WordPress developer.

  • Alain Schlesser: Embracing Gutenberg in existing code

    Alain Schlesser: Embracing Gutenberg in existing code

    WordCamp Lausanne 2018Speaker: Alain Schlesser

    October 9, 2018 — Gutenberg is a major change to how you develop software for WordPress. The changes will start with the WordPress editor but the long term plan is for Gutenberg to slowly take over the entire admin interface.

    If you already have existing plugin or theme code that you need to maintain and make ready for the upcoming Gutenberg update, you will probably face some architectural design challenges. This session will help prepare you to make those changes in a clean transition.

  • Tammie Lister: Gutenberg design matters: creating open source

    Tammie Lister: Gutenberg design matters: creating open source

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Tammie Lister

    October 5, 2018 — In this talk discover the how Gutenberg has been designed. Take a look beyond the block and cover the entire experience of Gutenberg. Along the way gain insight into decisions made and the design process behind this new WordPress publishing experience. Designing in open source isn’t always easy, but it is the future of design. Discover the patterns, uncover the interactions and learn how Gutenberg was created.

    Gutenberg デザインの重要性: オープンソースのつくりかた

    このセッションでは、WordPress の次世代エディターである Gutenberg がどのようにデザインされてきたのかについてお話します。ブロックや Gutenberg 全体のエクスペリエンスとは何かを理解する過程で、その背後にある意思決定やデザインのプロセスについて知ることができるでしょう。オープンソース開発の中でのデザインというのは、難しいこともあります。開発の裏側を覗いてみることで、重要な傾向や、効果的なやりとりのヒントを得てみませんか。

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  • Justin Kopepasah: Gutenberg and the Evolution of WordPress

    Justin Kopepasah: Gutenberg and the Evolution of WordPress

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Justin Kopepasah

    October 4, 2018 — Gutenberg, the elephant in the room. The impending feature to be merged into Core which will not only change the way millions of people work with WordPress, but has the audacious goal of shaping the way people publish and manage content on the web.

    Some people may say that Gutenberg is merely WordPress catching up to other services, but in reality the new editor experience not only changes the way writers write, but also the way engineers create rich, editorial experiences specifically tailored to each unique site requirements.

    WordPress 5.0+ goals are not to “catch up”, but rather leapfrog other experiences and shape content creation and the editorial experience forever.

    Gutenberg と WordPress の進化に見る未来

    誰もが気になっている次期エディターの Gutenberg。もうすぐコアにマージされるこの機能は、ユーザーにとっての WordPress の使い方を変えるというだけではなく、「これからの Web 上でのパブリッシングやコンテンツ管理のやり方を形作る」という大胆なゴールも掲げています。

    Gutenberg は WordPress が単に他のサービスに追いつくためのものだと言う人もいます。ですが、これは実際には、リッチなコンテンツの作成・編集という体験をまったく新しいものにし、他を「追い越す」ことができる一歩だと考えています。

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  • Ryo Utsunomiya: Gutenberg 解体新書

    Ryo Utsunomiya: Gutenberg 解体新書

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Ryo Utsunomiya

    September 29, 2018 — Gutenberg in detail

    WordPress 5.0で導入される新エディター・Gutenberg には、React.js をはじめ、Babel や Webpack 等、従来のWordPress では使われていなかった技術が盛り込まれています。

    Gutenberg がこれらをどのように活用しているかを学ぶことで、Gutenberg をカスタマイズするプラグインの開発方法を身につけることができます。新世代の WordPress 開発にチャレンジしましょう!

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