Producer: John Parkinson

  • Aaron D. Campbell: Integrating WordPress with External APIs

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Aaron D. Campbell

    November 17, 2015 — Learn to use WordPress’s built in functionality (especially the HTTP library) to integrate with external APIs. We’ll touch on properly caching results to keep your site fast, fault tolerance, and even how to handle those strange APIs that send you data when you didn’t send a request for it (PayPal IPNs anyone?). We’ll talk theory, but mostly we’ll look at plenty of code and walk through examples from plugins that you can constantly refer back to for example code.

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  • Lauren Pittenger: Intro to the Command Line for Designers

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Lauren Pittenger

    November 17, 2015 — The command line can be an intimidating thing. We will walk through setting up a local WordPress install via the command line. We’ll look at how to download the software and create and edit files using the command line.

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  • Trevan Hetzel: Super Fast WordPress Themes

    WordCamp Omaha 2015Speaker: Trevan Hetzel

    November 17, 2015 — Today’s web users have the need for speed. With internet and cellular connections getting faster and faster, users expect sites to feel snappy and not make them wait. We as developers must make sure we’re doing our very best to serve those pages quickly. This talk will focus on the things you should be doing, both on the front-end and back-end, when building WordPress themes.

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  • Andrew Nacin: Advanced Topics in WordPress Development

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Andrew Nacin

    November 17, 2015 — Advanced Topics in WordPress Development

  • Josh Collinsworth: Be Classless – Optimizing Your CSS for WordPress

    WordCamp Omaha 2015Speaker: Josh Collinsworth

    November 17, 2015 — It’s easy to get caught up adding HTML classes (and IDs) to each and every element we want to style, but the fact is, WordPress helps us out with specific targeting by adding its own classes and IDs to certain elements on every page and post. Cleverly utilizing WordPress’s default page build along with CSS’s pseudo classes and combinators makes it possible to be highly specific with our targeted styles while leaving the original HTML completely alone. In short, if we look for ways, we can often avoid adding more classes and wrapping text in spans to have WordPress and CSS do the work for us.

  • Bryan Nelson: How WordPress Facilitates Collaboration

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Bryan Nelson

    November 14, 2015 — WordPress is home to tons of websites that are used by some of the world’s largest companies. My organization Agorans International is using WordPress to bring the voices of youths to the public eye.

  • Warren Denley: Email Marketing – The Secret Weapon To Grow Your Business

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Warren Denley

    October 2, 2015 — Getting the right people to your site is hard enough. And making a sale to first time visitors is nearly impossible. So you need a way to build a relationship with your visitors and keep them coming back to your site until they are ready to buy from you.
    You Need Email Marketing! Warren’s talk will cover:
    – Selecting an email provider.
    – Quick start guide to setting up your account and creating your first list.
    – Creating your email template.
    – Integrating your list with your site (collecting subscribers).
    – Communicating with your list.
    – Measuring, monitoring and improving your engagement.
    – Case studies – what works and what doesn’t.
    – Taking it further – segmentation and funnels.

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  • Meryl McCay: These Are A Few Of My Favourite Themes

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Meryl McCay

    October 2, 2015 — Meryl has been using WordPress since 2011, but still considers herself to be a novice. Having seen the list of august speakers coming to the WordCamp, people with serious dev skills, entrepreneurs and the like, she has some trepidation about volunteering to present; however, we all had to start somewhere and if she can inspire another newbie to think “Hey, I can do that too”, then the anxiety will have been worth it!
    As a non-coder she finds the WordPress platform perfectly suited to the skills she can bring to the table. With over 20 years’ experience as an Information Professional (aka a Librarian), helping small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to create well-structured websites, with quality content, that they are able to manage themselves (to a large degree) is something she finds very satisfying.
    Being programmatically challenged, Meryl uses quality commercial themes to do the heavy lifting and has begun to delve into the mysteries of CSS in order to tweak the design to suit the client. Still unsure about whether this fascination with WordPress can actually generate an income, she has nonetheless taken the plunge and finally got a business card. ☺

  • Kate Duffy: How To Get Visitors Marketing Tropical North Queensland With Us

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Kate Duffy

    October 2, 2015 — Advocacy is a key driver in moving consumers through the path to purchase, with word-of-mouth and recommendations from other travellers being the most honest and effective form of tourism marketing today. Kate’s talk will centre around Tropical North Queensland‘s advocacy strategy and the role of their new WordPress blog in their marketing endeavours.
    Kate’s talk will cover the following topics:
    The evolution of tourism marketing: From a controlled industry with a few small players to a more open, interactive and consumer driven market.
    How things we all take for granted now-days such as mobile devices & access to free WiFi change our expectations and interaction with the tourism industry because millions of people can share their experiences online. This sharing (or advocacy) is at the core of TTNQ’s marketing strategy.
    How Kate and her team use their WordPress blog as a platform to build a profile of their advocates and point consumers from their social media channels and tell a deeper story about the FNQ destination.

  • Helena Denley: Leveraging Your Skills – Moving From One-On-One Client Work To Creating Your First Online Course

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Helena Denley

    October 2, 2015 — Are you a freelancer who is at capacity with clients but aren’t earning the income you would like to be? Are you a freelancer looking to expand your reach beyond the one on one client work? If you answered ‘Yes’ to either or both of those questions then this is a must see talk for you!
    Helena will help you plan your first online course by helping you with following tasks:
    Do you have a list? If not start building one now so you can survey your list to find out what they may want.
    Can your current skills, the ones you use in your freelance business with one-on-one clients, translate into an online course?
    – Skills assessment.
    – Target market – who are you be able to teach your skills to?
    – Creating your course – delivered live or pre-recorded?
    – Minimum viable product and iterate as you go or at each release.
    – Fitting course creation amongst current work.
    – Cut back on one-on-one work to make time to deliver the course.
    – Specific launches or Evergreen course.

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