Speakers: Imran Sayed and Ajit Bohra

  • Imran Sayed and Ajit Bohra: Digging into Gutenberg

    Imran Sayed and Ajit Bohra: Digging into Gutenberg

    WordPress Meetup Pune 2010Speaker: Imran Sayed and Ajit Bohra

    March 23, 2020 — It’s been over a year since Gutenberg was released with WordPress 5.0 and we have seen some great improvements.
    While Gutenberg continues to outshine on the content creation experience, there have been so many updates and changes in Gutenberg that it’s hard to keep up. Many developers also find block development challenging because there is a learning curve to React and JavaScript

    Whether you are someone who always thought of digging into it, but never started, the one who is left behind, or even just want to get your questions answered, this online meetup is for you.

    It’s time to challenge those challenges.
    This meetup helps you build those core concepts and have your questions answered, by diving deep into Gutenberg

    Topics that will be covered:

    – Touch on basics of Gutenberg
    – Understand how things work in Gutenberg behind the scenes.
    – Understanding the Gutenberg core.
    – Build tools like @wordpress/wp-scripts and @wordpress/create-block
    – WordPress Data Module.
    – Current State and Future of Gutenberg.
    – Contributing to Gutenberg

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