‘Advanced’ Videos

  • Eric Debelak: Creating Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

    WordCamp Buffalo 2018Speaker: Eric Debelak

    May 29, 2018 — Gutenberg is so new and comes with many built-in blocks, but how do you create interactive, dynamic and advanced Gutenberg blocks? We’ll cover topics like API calls to 3rd party services, server side rendering, advanced settings, using custom React components and other topics to help attendees start making advanced Gutenberg blocks.

  • Ron Brennan: Advanced Custom Fields

    WordCamp Rochester 2017Speaker: Ron Brennan

    December 1, 2017 — Giving editors a simple way to customize content on your site by adding fields, choosing from predefined options, or attaching files is a great way to make your website standout and easy to use. However, coding those options and adding/retrieving them from the database can be complicated (to put it mildly). Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) takes the hassle out of adding these enhancements to your theme. In this talk we’ll explore ACF and look at some examples of how to incorporate them into your next project and wow your clients.
    **WARNING: We will be looking at some code files in this talk. So if things like semicolons and causes you to break out in hives, you may want to avoid this talk.