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  • Shawn Hooper: REST API Case Study – Actionable.co

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Shawn Hooper

    August 6, 2017 — The REST API can be used for so much more than front-end theme work, which is what many early demos used it for. Having used the API for lots of back-end work lately, Shawn will show you some of the things that he’s implemented at Actionable.co in hopes that you’ll start using the REST API in your next project.

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  • Seth Alling: Case Study – Developing a Custom Importer

    WordCamp Kent 2017Speaker: Seth Alling

    July 10, 2017 — In early 2017, I was asked to build a custom importer for a website. “Not a problem,” I thought. After many late nights and much frustration, I finally completed it, only to wake up the next morning and find I needed to rewrite most of it. In this session we will discuss some of the obscure functions and ways to create an importer, along with some gotchas to consider.

  • Tanja Turner: From Wix To WordPress – A Simple Case Study

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Tanja Turner

    February 7, 2017 — This talk will encompass the following objectives:

    1 Why the change from Wix to WordPress
    2 How long the change took from start to finish
    3 The brand structure and which direction it took
    4 The elements used to create the brand
    5 How to make the brand sustainable

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  • Japh Thomson: Serverless Architecture For Augmenting WordPress – A Case Study

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Japh Thomson

    February 3, 2017 — We needed to scale the serving of responsive images for a large WordPress installation in an efficient and cost-effective way.

    This is the story of how we took advantage of technologies outside of WordPress itself, leaning on Amazon Web Services, to achieve that.

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  • Steve Grunwell: Taking the Web Offline

    WordCamp Ann Arbor 2016Speaker: Steve Grunwell

    January 6, 2017 — The internet is an amazing tool for sharing information with users all over the world, but what happens when “online” isn’t a guarantee? This was the question posed after 10up built an web-based product catalog for one of the world’s leading water technology providers. With a sales team of hundreds, how could we be sure that the sales materials were always available to the sales team, regardless of internet connectivity?

    This session is a case-study on taking a web application offline, synchronizing JSON data and assets while maintaining a consistent user experience. Attendees will gain insight on the unique challenges of taking an app offline, as well as the technologies available and strategies for keeping data intact and the user experience seamless.

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  • Milos Marceta: Telegraf.rs Case Study

    WordCamp Belgrade 2016Speaker: Milos Marceta

    December 29, 2016 — “Telegraf case study” is a presentation about news portal startup which scaled to the biggest WordPress news website in Serbia, with more than 1.000.000 users per day in just three years.

  • Claus van Vught and Mark Gruntjes: Twee jaar stijgende conversie, omzet en bezoekersaantallen – de case

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speakers: Claus van Vught, Mark Gruntjes

    November 12, 2016 — Bbquality.nl is een online shop voor kwaliteitsvlees. In deze case kijken we naar hoe BBQuality is gegroeid van een klein webshopje tot een full-time onderneming voor de eigenaren. We kijken naar welke keuzes er zijn gemaakt en hoe we binnen een jaar 500% meer omzet hebben weten te realiseren.

    Met deze talk willen we laten zien hoe een volledig zelfgeschreven webshop, draaiende op WordPress succesvol kan worden; Wat de uitdagingen zijn en zijn geweest en wat voor een maatwerk hier bij komt kijken…

  • Scott Basgaard: Sandviks – A Case Study

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speaker: Scott Basgaard

    November 11, 2016 — Scott presents on how he helped create a large, scaleable online bookstore for a Norwegian children’s publishing company Sandviks. What worked, what didn’t and why he thinks WooCommerce was the right fit.

  • Taeke Reijenga: Autotaalglas – a Case Study

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speaker: Taeke Reijenga

    October 28, 2016 — Autotaalglas.nl is a well known windshield repair company in the Netherlands. Over a period of a year we redesigned and redeveloped their website doubling their online conversion in the first 2 months after launch.

    In this talk I will use Autotaalglas.nl as a case study to illustrate the importance of good UI and UX for a succesfull website. Running WordPress as a CMS has many advantages but it is not automatically making your website a great website.
    How did we achieve a doubling of conversion and what are we doing to hold on to the conversion increase? Knowing that on average a car owner has a windshield chip or crack once every seven years you will understand that it doesn’t make a loyal customer.
    How to keep developing the platform and giving the client an advantage over their competitors? By the time WordCamp Netherlands takes place we are implementing a new feature that connects the website to the planning tool of every repair shop to show availability.

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  • Felipe Garcia and Joan Wee: Using Blogs in Classrooms: an NTU Case Study

    WordCamp Singapore 2016Speakers: Felipe Garcia, Joan Wee

    October 6, 2016 — This session shares the use of WordPress to support a undergraduate class in chemistry and how the online activities were carefully planned to compliment the face-to-face time with the Professor and classmates.