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  • Mridul Goswami: Contracts, Copyrights and Other Legal Aspects

    Mridul Goswami: Contracts, Copyrights and Other Legal Aspects

    WordCamp Udaipur 2017Speaker: Mridul Goswami

    July 12, 2017 — Mridul Goswami is a practicing Lawyer with over 3 years of experience and a keen interest in technology. Along with this he has been a web developer for last 5 years. In this talk Mridul shares the importance of setting up correct contracts with clients and essentials for the terms and conditions of a web project.

  • Kathleen Kuznicki: ®? ™? ©? DMCA? IP? —WTF???

    Kathleen Kuznicki: ®? ™? ©? DMCA? IP? —WTF???

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016Speaker: Kathleen Kuznicki

    September 21, 2016 — Building and maintaining a website to market a business, to promote a cause, or to just blog an opinion is fraught with intellectual property (IP) issues. Protecting the content and branding on the website is one concern; making sure you are not infringing someone else’s copyrights and trademarks is another. In our globally connected economy where a strong internet presence is necessary for success, trademark bullies and copyright trolls are ever-watching; ready to pounce on unsuspecting infringers. We will discuss exactly what is protected by copyright law and by trademark law; common infringement risks seen on websites (and how to avoid them), and the fair use defense.