‘Customizer’ Videos

  • Ajay Coletta: Moving Beyond The Customizer

    Ajay Coletta: Moving Beyond The Customizer

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2017Speaker: Ajay Coletta

    October 17, 2017 — So you made changes to your WordPress theme using the built-in Customizer, but you would like the ability to make more changes to the look & feel of your theme, well this session is for you.

    I will discuss the benefits of creating & modifying Child themes and show you how you can easily inspect and modify the css styles that control the bulk of overall design.

    And if you want to dig deeper into theme customization, I will discuss the benefits of starter/foundational themes like Genesis.

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  • Paul Barthmaier: Plug In To The Customizer

    Paul Barthmaier: Plug In To The Customizer

    WordCamp Lehigh Valley 2017Speaker: Paul Barthmaier

    October 17, 2017 — I am cultivating a number of classes which use the Customizer API beyond the typical theme settings. I’ve also begun to build custom controls to allow for further customization of the Customizer. In this talk, I’d like to walk thru how to use the API, demonstrate the existing tools available and then show how to expand on them to better suit your specific needs.

  • Andrew Taylor: A Better User Experience With The WordPress Customizer

    Andrew Taylor: A Better User Experience With The WordPress Customizer

    WordCamp Seattle 2016Speaker: Andrew Taylor

    October 12, 2017 — With all the buzz around the REST API maybe it’s been awhile since you took a look at WordPress core’s JavaScript-driven single page application (SPA), the Customizer.

    In this talk we will explore how to use the Customizer to improve the user experience for theme and plugin settings, explore how the Customizer has evolved, and look at the future of the Customizer.

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  • Dominik Schilling: Customizer – Make it Live

    Dominik Schilling: Customizer – Make it Live

    WordCamp Bern 2017Speaker: Dominik Schilling

    October 3, 2017 — The customizer is all about site management with a powerful live preview, so gone should be the days where clients have to save something without knowing what they actually have changed. Should be. There are still projects in the wild that don’t leverage the customizer. Let’s change that! In this talk I want to start with the fundamentals of the customizer and quickly jump into demonstrating how easy it is to add live preview to anything with all the specialized controls.

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  • Nidhi Jain: Extending WordPress Customizer

    Nidhi Jain: Extending WordPress Customizer

    WordCamp Udaipur 2017Speaker: Nidhi Jain

    July 21, 2017 — Nidhi Jain, the Themeing rockstar of IdeaBox Creations has over three years of experience in the WordPress ecosystem.
    Nidhi talked about the ideology behind WordPress Customizer, how it is a useful tool and what are the things you should know while building or using customizer.

  • Daniel Koskinen: The Customizer - Present And Future

    Daniel Koskinen: The Customizer – Present And Future

    WordCamp Helsinki 2017Speaker: Daniel Koskinen

    June 29, 2017 — Daniel’s lighting talk covers how to create a better experience for your clients or users of your theme with the various core controls, custom controls and how to take advantage of selective live refresh and visible edit shortcuts (introduced in WordPress 4.7).

  • RC Lations: Hands-on Development With The Customizer

    RC Lations: Hands-on Development With The Customizer

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: RC Lations

    June 3, 2017 — We’ll start with an overview of what you can build with the Customizer and where to use it, followed by hands-on development building customizer controls. We’ll wrap up with a discussion on some of the more advanced ways you can leverage the customizer, with tips & techniques for your own theme.

  • Leo Baiano: Utilizando o customizer e widgets para criar home pages vivas

    Leo Baiano: Utilizando o customizer e widgets para criar home pages vivas

    WordCamp Fortaleza 2016Speaker: Leo Baiano

    May 2, 2017 — Home viva é aquela em que o desenho da interface e a gestão do conteúdo são integradas e altamente customizáveis permitindo à equipe de editores ampla liberdade para criar conteúdos com diferentes estruturas visuais.

    Nesta apresentação vamos demonstrar como funciona o processo de criação gráfica e o desenvolvimento do sistema utilizando o customizer e criando de widgets que permitem à equipe de conteúdo atualizar a página inicial em tempo real, e ainda, com a integração do google analytics, avaliar quais estruturas visuais dão os melhores resultados.

  • What's Next For Customizer?

    What’s Next For Customizer?

    WordCamp Sydney 2016

    April 30, 2017 — Customise Posts is a feature plugin, coming soon to a future version of WordPress.

    This talk will include a demonstration of Front-End Editing done through the Customiser, and the technical details on how to easy it is to add support to your theme.

    Luke will finish with a discussion and Q&A on the future of editing in WordPress.

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  • Andrea Barghigiani: Crea un tema compatibile con le ultime novità in WordPress

    Andrea Barghigiani: Crea un tema compatibile con le ultime novità in WordPress

    WordCamp Torino 2017Speaker: Andrea Barghigiani

    April 11, 2017 — La nostra amata piattaforma è cresciuta molto negli ultimi anni e ci sono caratteristiche che richiedono la nostra attenzione per poter creare temi accattivanti e che sfruttano le ultime novità di WordPress. Con questo talk sarai in grado di comprendere come sia possibile creare un tema compatibile con il Customizer, con la possibilità di includere i Post Template, includere file inline grazie alle funzioni dedicate e molte altre succose caratteristiche che ci permettono di diventare sviluppatori WordPress migliori!

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