‘Data Visualization’ Videos

  • Pēteris Jurčenko: Responsive Charts In WordPress

    WordCamp Riga 2017Speaker: Pēteris Jurčenko

    December 20, 2017 — At WordCamp Riga Peteris speaks about data visualisation and responsive charts.

  • K. Adam White: Data Visualization With The REST API

    WordCamp Europe 2017Speaker: K. Adam White

    June 22, 2017 — K. Adam White is a senior web application engineer in Boston, Massachusetts, where he writes web applications, contributes to open-source projects, and evangelizes the web as an open platform for technology and collaboration.

    With WordPress 4.7 we gained REST API endpoints for core data types—now what can we do with them? We’re seeing how the REST API is being used to build new and better editing interfaces, but we also have a huge opportunity to use that API to explore the data we already have within our sites. It’s never been so easy to access our WordPress content from JavaScript, so let’s see what we can learn about it through data visualization! I will share how we can combine the REST API with visualization tools like D3.js to gain new insights into your content. We will build a network diagram to visualize how tags and categories area applied to posts, then discover how to use custom post types and register_meta to build a completely custom dashboard within WordPress for any type of data.