‘Digital Ecommerce’ Videos

  • Topher DeRosia: An Introduction to BigCommerce for WordPress

    WordCamp Jackson 2019Speaker: Topher DeRosia

    December 27, 2019 — The BigCommerce WordPress plugin uses headless ecommerce to create a hybrid of a SaaS and WordPress. It’s powerful, fast, easy, scalable, and inexpensive. This is not a deeply technical talk, but rather a discussion about how the ecommerce landscape is changing in WordPress.

    This is not intended to be a sales pitch for BigCommerce, but rather a plugin overview, similar to an “Introduction to WooCommerce” talk. Obviously BigCommerce must come up, but this is more about the evolving landscape of ecommerce in WordPress with the move to SaaS based plugins.

  • Kyle Maurer: Digital Ecommerce For Beginners

    WordCamp Jackson 2017Speaker: Kyle Maurer

    September 17, 2019 — Digital eCommerce is a wonderful and exciting frontier full of opportunities. In this session, Kyle describes a few reasons why digital products are so compelling and valuable while also giving an introduction to how digital eCommerce works for anyone getting started.