‘DNS’ Videos

  • Nuutti Toivola: How fun is DNS?

    WordCamp Finland (Suomi) 2020Speaker: Nuutti Toivola

    March 30, 2021 — This talk about the Domain Name System will be helpful to anyone who works with domains and publishing new websites.

    The presentation includes three sections. It begins with a short explanation of DNS. Next, learn best practices with DNS (security, speed, stability, etc.). The last section shares practical approaches to making DNS management easier and solutions to specific problems you might encounter working with DNS.

  • Erica Varlese: What’s in a Name? An Introduction to Domains and DNS

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Erica Varlese

    November 2, 2015 — Picking your domain name is one of the most pivitol parts of setting up your own site. Your domain name is the foundation of your online presence and sets the tone for your marketing strategies. In this talk, we’ll go over how domains work, from the registration process to the mechanics of DNS. We’ll then move from the technical side of domains to put what we’ve learned into practice, exploring the importance of choosing a good domain name and basic FAQs as you get started with your brand new .com.