‘equipment’ Videos

  • Chris Rogers: Video in your WP website

    WordCamp NYC 2017Speaker: Chris Rogers

    February 9, 2018 — Creating video is hard enough! Chris will show you how to easily get your freakin’ video file into your WordPress website. He will also show you how to create video content with equipment you (probably) already own, ie: mobile devices, software, yada.

  • Steve Stewart: Podcasting 101

    WordCamp St. Louis 2017Speaker: Steve Stewart

    March 30, 2017 — You’ve always wanted to launch a podcast, but you just aren’t ready. What are you missing: Gear? A Launch Strategy? Courage to get on the mic every week?

    Steve Stewart has been helping podcasters with their shows and their tech for more than 5 years. In this session he will explain what an RSS feed is, what you need to launch a podcast, and answer your questions about monetization or growing an audience.