‘Facebook Groups’ Videos

  • WordPress Community Interview Wth Ivica Delic

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeaker: Ivica Delic

    August 22, 2017 — Ivica Delic is 45 years old, lives in Croatia and loves technology, especially WordPress.

    Ivica was searching for WordPress groups on Facebook and decided that he wanted to create a comprehensive list of these groups. This was a way he could ‘give back’ to the WordPress Community. During his research, he became more and more active, eventually becoming an assistant administrator to several groups. He has also created groups such as WordPress Speed Up and Quality WordPress Groups. The later is a place for people to go, not to ask questions, but to find a group that could answer a specific question.

    He also created a closed group for Administrators only. Here, they discuss ways to combat spam, trolls and other issues that plague groups on Facebook.

    Ivica also started a website, http://www.freelancerstools.com which is a resource of various quality tools (some free, others paid) that freelancers may have a need for. There are 6 categories and 15 sub categories.