‘Hacked’ Videos

  • Laura Byrne Cristiano: Having My Website Hacked Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Me

    WordCamp Montclair 2019Speaker: Laura Byrne-Cristiano

    September 24, 2019 — The session will cover practical security tips that anyone (especially beginners) should take, and what to do if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. Most importantly, it will cover how true success lies in cooperation and collaboration, and by not letting others define you by your online perceived persona.

  • Laura Byrne-Cristiano: Having My Website Hacked Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Me

    WordCamp Philly 2017Speaker: Laura Byrne-Cristiano

    January 20, 2019 — Aside from obviously taking security a lot more seriously, the hacking changed my life. By totally re-evaluating my blogging philosophy: I resurrected my site, cooperated and collaborated with similar sites, and found a new career path.

  • Steven Ayers: My website has been hacked! Security Planning

    WordCamp Asheville 2018Speaker: Steven Ayers

    January 11, 2019 — Learn how to handle a hacked website in a moment of crisis.

    A building has an evacuation plan. A website needs a security and disaster recovery plan.


    Who should I call if I’m hacked?
    What should I do if I’m hacked?
    How do I ensure this doesn’t happen again?
    What needs to be in your plan
    Risks and damages hacking has on your organization
    Incident Response Plan

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  • Tomás Sierra: ¿En serio me pueden hackear WordPress con… Google?

    WordCamp Irun 2018Speaker: Tomas Sierra

    June 3, 2018 — En esta ponencia utilizaremos la potencia del motor de búsqueda de Google para buscar instalaciones de WordPress y ver sus vulnerabilidades.

    Veremos ejemplos de cadenas de búsqueda muy potentes (Dorks) y cómo un usuario malintencionado podría utilizar esta información para hackearnos la web.

    Para finalizar, aprenderemos diferentes maneras de evitar esto.

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  • Diana Edreva: Oh, no! I got hacked?!

    WordCamp Antwerp 2018Speaker: Diana Edreva

    April 2, 2018 — So you have a cute website on which you have worked a couple of years on and at one point – your site gets hacked! What do you do? No worries I have you covered! I am here to answer your questions why would someone hack your website? What to do if you are indeed hacked? And of course – the spring clean!

  • Michael Veenstra: The Anatomy Of A Hacked Site

    WordCamp Phoenix 2018Speaker: Michael Veenstra

    February 26, 2018 — In this talk, I discuss the roadmap of a typical WordPress site getting “hacked”. From start to finish, we look at how victims can be identified, how sites are breached, how persistent backdoors are established, and how the attackers will exploit the compromised site.

    I avoid getting too overtly technical in my descriptions, instead opting to focus on the mindset and overall process of the attack. This enables less-technical website owners to get a stronger conceptual grasp of what exactly goes on during a breach.

    It can be overwhelming for inexperienced webmasters to adequately defend against a threat they don’t understand. This talk defines these threats in a concrete way, which is much more compelling than the nebulous concept of “hackers” in general. Viewers leave the room empowered to take a proactive outlook on the security of their web presence.

  • Åsa Rosenberg: WordPress Threats and How to Protect Your Site

    WordCamp Stockholm 2017Speaker: Åsa Rosenberg

    January 29, 2018 — The purpose of this talk is to give a general understanding of why WordPress sites are hacked and how they are hacked. We then use that knowledge to figure out ways of protecting our sites from intrusion.

  • Valentin Vesa: Life After Being Hacked

    WordCamp Bucharest 2017Speaker: Valentin Vesa

    December 7, 2017 — Valentin is the Social Media Specialist at Sucuri. He is very passionate about technology and online marketing. Some of his interests include CMS hardening and tech writing. He loves to play ping-pong, go swimming, and spend quality time with his family. Follow him on Twitter at @adspedia.

    The topic of Val’s presentation is “Life after being hacked“.

  • Diana Ivanova: Got Hacked!? What Now?

    WordCamp Sofia 2017Speaker: Diana Ivanova

    November 21, 2017 — So you got hacked? Don’t know what to do? Well, Diana is here to help you! No worries if you are not too tech savvy, or maybe you are but you are just getting started and wish for a simple, fast and efficient way to get back on track after a hack? Dianna can show you the way, just join her in this ‘cleaning hacked code’ adventure and see how easy it could be to come back online!

  • Jean-François Arseneault, Maxime Jobin: Pirates des CMS

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speakers: Jean-François Arseneault, Maxime Jobin

    October 16, 2017 — otre site est lent depuis un bon moment et vous ne savez tout simplement pas quoi faire. Ce matin, en vous rendant sur votre site, celui-ci n’affiche tout simplement plus. Vous contactez votre hébergeur pour vous rendre compte que votre site web a été piraté. Ayayaye! La journée commence bien mal….

    Ce scénario qui semble irréaliste se produit chaque jour. Ne soyez pas la prochaine victime.

    Cette démonstration utilisera un véritable site WordPress hébergé sur le web, et le site sera “mal conçu”, “non-optimisé”, “non-sécurisé”, piraté, alouette!

    Venez nous aider à sauver un site web de sa terrible situation et surtout, vous préparer à ce que ça ne vous arrive jamais.