‘health’ Videos

  • Mauricio Gelves: WPLovesCarla, una Comunità e un progetto per la lotta contro il cancro

    WordCamp Milano 2019Speaker: Mauricio Gelves

    December 20, 2019 — Il progetto WPLovesCarla è un bel esempio che indietro a questo Software Open Source c’è una Comunità (con lettere maiuscole) que aiuta disinteressatamente quando uno dei i suoi integranti ha una necessità, in questo caso Carla Sáiz, co-organizzatore della WordCamp Madrid 2018. In questo talk ti dirò come è nato questo progetto, come si è sviluppato e il grande impatto che ha avuto sui social network e nella vita della nostra cara Carla Sáiz.

  • Austin Ginder: The Lean Mean Maintenance Machine

    WordCamp Lancaster 2019Speaker: Austin Ginder

    June 2, 2019 — Routine maintenance is crucial for keeping any WordPress site healthy. Whether your a site owner, web designer/developer or maintenance professional, this talk will be applicable for you. Will explore the vast world of WordPress maintenance. From “Why maintenance is necessary”, “How WordPress got here” and “Tips for keeping maintenance lean”.

  • Corey Maass: More than Words – Using WordPress for Business, Productivity, Health and More

    WordCamp Montreal 2018Speaker: Corey Maass

    April 3, 2019 — Put WordPress to work for you!

    In this talk, I will share powerful methods that will help boost your business and improve your productivity by taking full advantage of your WordPress website.

    WordPress is already known to be a powerful tool for growing and promoting your services and business.

    But what you may not know is that WordPress can also be used to track time, manage your contacts, collect payments, brainstorm ideas, track your health, share files and much more, directly from within your own WordPress website.

    We will explore many of the features that will help you take full advantage of your WordPress website to help empower you or your business to its fullest potential.

  • Christina Varro: Staying Healthy In the Digital Space

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Christina Varro

    July 5, 2018 — Screen time, sedentary lifestyle and solo remote work can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. As a full time freelancer for almost 10 years, I have suffered a variety of sleep disorders, physical health problems, and anxiety disorders. Freelance designers, developers, and other remote workers rarely have access to occupational health specialists or know how to solve their health issues related to heavy computer work. Come learn a variety of tips for stay healthy when you work in the digital space.