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  • Thorsten Frommen: Using PSR-7 Middleware In Your RESTful WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Nijmegen 2017Speaker: Thorsten Frommen

    October 14, 2017 — In the PHP world in general, there is a standard (recommendation) when it comes to HTTP messages: PSR-7. Despite things like Calypso, Gutenberg and the growing JavaScript codebase in general, WordPress is written in PHP. Thus, wouldn’t it be nice to do what the rest of the PHP world is doing? Isn’t there some way to leverage all the existing PSR-7 middleware and incorporate them into the WordPress REST API? Well, there is.

    In this talk, Thorsten will give an overview of the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces. After that, he will compare these with the structures of WordPress Core, and analyze whether or not they match with the PSR-7 interfaces. Finally, Thorsten will provide a closer look into an example implementation of PSR-7-compliant WordPress REST requests and responses, respectively, and explain their inner workings.

  • Eric Andrew Lewis: HTTPS and YOU

    WordCamp NYC 2015Speaker: Eric Andrew Lewis

    December 20, 2015 — HTTPS is The Way Forward™ for the web, as various web leaders are penalizing sites that still serve over HTTP. Search Engines are ranking insecure sites lower in search results. Browsers are limiting capabilities and stripping away features from sites serving HTTP.
    This talk focuses on what HTTPS is from the very ground up, and some direction on how to set it up for your site.

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  • Ryan Duff: Making Use of a Little Known Gem – The WordPress HTTP API

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Ryan Duff

    December 12, 2015 — This session covers the basics of the WordPress HTTP API. More often than not, custom code uses clunky cURL functions to make remote requests. WordPress has a built in API to make this much simpler. Why not use it?

  • Steven Cooper: Once Upon An API

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Steven Cooper

    October 1, 2015 — In this session Steven will cover how you can integrate WordPress with external APIs. This will be done with the help of a creatively written story and with the help of actors who will play the part of the various stages of the API calls from retrieving the token from a server to the transaction and even the nasty old chargeback. Steven will be using the PayPal and Braintree API’s as his example API’s.

    Steven’s talk will be entertainment from the very beginning, engaging young and old alike and suitable for all ages. Actors in a talk, who’d have thunk it!? Quite often developers use API’s via SDKs and don’t understand the interactions that are happening so Steven thought this would be a light hearted way to make the journey entertaining!

    Steven’s talk will cover some of the following topics:

    – The benefits of using the WordPress HTTP API.
    – How to use the WordPress HTTP API.
    – Token based authentication with an API.
    – Debugging and testing APIs.

  • Bjørn Johansen: Unlearn your optimization skills. HTTP/2 is here

    WordCamp Belgrade 2015Speaker: Bjørn Johansen

    September 26, 2015 — With the introduction of HTTP/2, a lot of things are changing. We developers now have to unlearn some of the things that made us excellent, to adapt to a different world.

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  • Zack Tollman: HTTP 2 and You

    WordCamp Boston 2015Speaker: Zack Tollman

    July 29, 2015 — In my talk, I break down the important aspects of the new HTTP/2 protocol, how it differs from HTTP/1.1, and ways in which you can take advantage of the HTTP/2 performance improvements today. Whether you realize it or not, HTTP/2 will affect your life in the near future and I will help you understand what it all means.

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